Sunday, September 11, 2011

Latest Update on Nibiru / Elenin / Planet X ...and it's impact on Earth

I had knew this since 3 yrs ago and this week I had a sudden urge to know it's progress and how long we have until the day of impact. 

And here I had dig and prepared a compilation so you may understand better.

Recent video as below:
We need to ponder this question - If it was far away from Pluto and it is moving fast in it's orbit. Indirectly it might mean this object is damn bloody huge. Probably 5x bigger than Earth.

This is what other nation report about this mass planet:

This will be some scientific explanation on the impact: 

Related video clips:

This video clip is an explanation on  ......God+UFO+Nibiru+Human Origin+Alien+Economy+Politic+Physics+Science+Religion

The purpose of this post is an act of reminder and some good question for us to ponder.

When this shits do happen, at least we will know how much time we have and what kind of action we can prepare ourselves for it. At least, I can stay close with my family and give more quality time to them. Love others more and do more good will to the society.

God bless~

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