Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Living In Rural/Outskirt Is Not Cheap

Some people might think of living in some suburb area is more affordable or even plan to move to some more lay back rural area or outskirt is great in the sense of economy. The truth is NO.

Simple explanation will put it this way:

Those who work in the city usually gets higher pay compare to those who lives in rural or small town.
However, pricing such as daily goods and fuel might remain the same regardless which part you move around in the country. No matter where you go that price will not defer.

Unless you move from a rich/1st world country to 3rd world or developing country and that will be entire different story. The exchange rate had changed. 

It does help if - you work in the city but you lives in the outskirt, which usually you need a high speed transport like in Japan or Shanghai, China. In Malaysia people would go to work at Singapore and lives in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Even though it is hectic to average takes about 1hr 40mins to go to work and another same amount when back but it did saves a handful of money.

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