Friday, May 10, 2013

WTS RITCHY LIQUA (Italian Flavor) E-Liquid 100% Authentic

Our Liquid

When you are vaping an e cigarette, the most important factor in your overall experience is the
quality of the liquid. Can any liquid satisfy your needs? We don't think so. Only the Right liquid will.
This is what makes our LIQUA the Right one:

Right Ingredients

E-Liquid is normaly made with Low-Grade Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerol, Nicotine and Flavoring. But not in our case. We use only USP ingredients. United States Pharmaceopeia has established strict standards on how pure ingredients should be. We not only follow that standard, but exceed it.

Right VG and PG

USP Propylene Glycol (PG) and USP Vegetable Glycerol makes the base of our liquid. Right balance between these two components is highly important as that results in consistent vapor generation and liquid transition all over atomization process.

Right Flavor

Have you ever noticed that Cherry flavor you vape doesn't taste like Cherry at all? We believe if the flavor says Apple, it should taste like Apple. Flavor is the key to your satisfaction. We are proud to use only European food flavors from the most professional Italian Flavorists.

Right USP Nicotine

Nicotine is the addictive and potentially harmful component in e-liquid, and many other liquid manufacturers treat it as just another ingredient. Not in our case. We use only pure USP nicotine that is free of all tobacco components.


Right Creation Process

Exceptional ingredients are just the start. They are
combined in a process that meets with our high standards.
We provide proper SGS testing, pass all components
through double filtration, use disposable injectors and
implement anti-oxidation protection.
We rely on these delicate processes to automate
production so that we can guarantee consistent
composition and the same exciting result.

Right Packaging

Just as important as the liquid itself, is ensuring that the flavor and freshness are preserved until you can enjoy it.
We package our liquid in food grade materials that are filled in a completely dust-free environment.
Our unique bottle is sealed with a child-proof cap and will hold its wonderful flavor until you are ready to experience it.
Don't settle for any e-liquid. Take your vaping experience to the next level.

Right Ingredients

In the manufacturing process we use only the highest quality ingredients above USP standards.


The bottle is made of high strength food grade material that will not break or leak.


With a unique thin spout it takes just a few seconds to refresh your e-cigarette.

Right Flavor

Sweet, tart or spicy – best Italian flavors
from the heart of Europe will satisfy
any taste.

You will never go back to any other e juice!

Right Liquid to Vape!

Fruit Flavors :-
1. Apple (9mg)
2. Berry Mix(9mg) 
3. Cherry (9mg) 
4. Citrus Mix (9mg)
5. Grape(9mg)
6. Strawberry(9mg)
Tobacco Flavors :-
1. American Blend (12mg)
2. Bright Tobacco(12mg)
3. Cuban Cigar(12mg)
4. French Pipe(12mg)
5. Traditional Tobacco(12mg)
6. Turkish Tobacco(12mg)
Dessert Flavors :-
1. Chocolate(9mg)
2. Coffee(9mg)
3. Tiramisu(9mg)
4. Vanilla(9mg)
Other Flavors :-
1. Cola (coca cola)(9mg)
2. Mint (spearmint)(9mg)
3. Energy Drink (redbull)(9mg)
4. Menthol(9mg) 

Pricing UPDATED on 05 SEPT. 2013:
*Rm8 per bottle
*Flavor can be mix if order more than 2 bottles.
*COD at Jusco Aeon, Taman Lagenda, Melaka
*FREE delivery to your place if you are in Melaka Town or 15km radius within Melaka town, provided your or is Minimum 3 bottles.
*Registered Courier by Poslaju is additional RM6 for Peninsular, RM9 for East Malaysia.

*For Wholesale, pls contact me for detail pricing.
016-337 6677 (sms/whatsapp)

  Liqua VapoJuice Melaka




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