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Bad Experience: How Golden Tourworld Travel (GTT) Treat Customers

GTT the Golden Tourworld Travel had cheated our hard earned money. How nasty can Golden Tourworld Travel be? So, here I will show you on how Golden Tourworld Travel (GTT) treating their customers.
To make this whole thing easy to understand, I will includes the emails on below(where Golden Tourworld Travel offer us and what they did not deliver)

Now here is the initial email that Golden Tourworld Travel (GTT) send to me ...

Dear Mr Soo,
Please consider to take attached itinerary.
This program takes in additional 2 Dinners + 1 Lunch.
And staying 1 Night in Busselton Abbey Beach Resort. 4star beach resort.
The old program :  you will have do Fullday Margaret River Tour (approx. 12hours to & flow)
You will only have to top-up RM300 per person.
I need your passport copy, please fax to me Fax No: 03-2118 7377

Kindly bank-in to our Public Bank A/C No: 398 297 1813

Please advice if you are keen to change to attached package.

Thank you 
Sandy Poh
Golden Tourworld Travel (M) Sdn Bhd
72, Cangkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 - 2142 9537
DL : 603 – 2118 7307
Hunting Line : 603 – 21187288
Fax: 603 – 2118 7377

The 1st and 2nd Given itinerary as below at 14th May 2010 (send me twice on the same day): 
Then, I got reminded again with 3rd(last) itinerary on 17 May before my departure

When we came back from Perth. Trip wasn't that pleasant other tour members that joined the trip also felt ripped off by Golden Tourworld Travel (GTT).
Hence, I went to GTT office at somewhere Jalan Alor there and made my complaint. Not least I also sent them the email as below caused they had pretended it to be nothing had happened at all ~!!!

the email: 

 I'm Mr. Soo and family who took your tour group of Perth on the 09/06/2010 to 13/06/2010

Well, we had spoke to you, Ms Sandy Poh on this matter, on date 14/06/2010 afternoon. However, due to much stress and dissatisfaction from family members.

Family members had greatly grieved and traumatized from the event, especially the mother. She had been traveled many times and previously had a great experience with Golden Tourworld Travel but this time it was totally such a wreck.
We got informed earlier by Mr. Daniel that actual itinerary will be send out to us soon. So from 14/05/2010 to 17/05/2010 we got a total of 3 copies of our itinerary with more or less the same content as the one in attachment (Last Given Itinerary). Well, now I here attached you with all 3 of it. So, that had confirmed that it could not be any further error from the black and white written on the said itinerary.
The original itinerary should not be substitute with the itinerary of Valentino Holidays Pty Ltd. Your agent Nicole had confirmed that the itinerary was the same as the whole group would follow to the itinerary given on the attachment and your Black & White written mail as above also had confirmed that.
The differences for paying RM300 each would be:
1) 1 night stays at Busselton choice hotel
2) inclusive of Lunch and Dinner meals

*other than the 2 mentioned above, the rest of the itinerary should be carried out accordingly.

Our Concern:1) Why tour leader set us up for dinner with the group since she knew that we are not entitle for it? Can't she tell us in the 1st place in the coach about the matter; or else where before making us stepping in to the Jade Restaurant(Perth)?

Can't she inform us that William Street has more than 30+ restaurants just around the corner? Why making us embarrass when telling us that, " Sorry Mr.Soo, you and your family have to pay AUD20.00 per person for this meal." in front of everybody of the table? How will you feel on that given moment? Our family did felt humiliated~!

Don't tell me that she don't know about it in the 1st place. I'm in sales line too. Was it if she tell us earlier, her plan of making money will not be succeed then, wasn't she? ...or is that the way to punish us for not paying Rm300.00 extra in the 1st place?

2) Why make us feeling being dumped when we have no tour leader with us? Did we paid for a decent tour? Why dumping us aside and make us 3 persons feeling being boycott and have to follow Australian Pinnacle Tour? We do not feel like joining your GTT decent tour but more felt like that we are on our own! If, we had join your Free & Easy tour in the 1st place, then we are only supposed to only have our flight and hotel booked. Why a detailed itinerary of touring around? It just doesn't make sense! So, we had been boycott. Are you cheating with false promises to your customers?
3) Why we have to find our way, wasting our time and paying our own money to go to Caversham Wildlife Park while others able to go there on tour group? Did it not well emphasize and well written black and white in your 3 copies of itinerary? How would you think that I had felt when my senior(my girlfriend's mother) keep asking me why? And we got really bad mood at that moment. Can you compensate us on that?

4) Will you love paying Rm11,000+ for such a 5Day 4Nights trip with an unpleasant experience in Perth, Australia?

So, after hearing our case. I would like to know how your company gonna deal with it.

Please do let us about your management decision as we would give you 7 working days to decide.

Thank you.

* see the thing would be worse if all of us were unable to converse in English fluently in Australia
 ... and here is the itinerary that we got when we're in Perth:

After the email had sent ...and we had waited ..and time past .. and I sent another email to the Manager :
7 working days had past and I don't think you and your management take this matter seriously~!
When you wrote ' ..and will come back to you asap.' at the below copy  So, how soon is asap means?

Is this decision a major one for your company that takes so many days to figure out on how to deal with?

...or too many similar cases that your management need to deal with?

...or just ignoring/forgotten about this insignificant case?

Do you know how terrible it is when your customers unable to speak English and left at Perth boycotted. Well, luckily we managed that. Even we got free and easy on the 2nd final day but usually we supposed to able seeing our own group members so we may organize something... but where was our tour members?!  I don't think you and your management understand the situation and not taking this seriously.

I shall wait for your 1 final reply and this reply should not be later than 72 hours and I don't want to hear lame excuses like - I had gone outstation. If it is so ... you should inform your customers in the 1st place.

Thank you.
Now this is how the Manager replied me:

Dear Mr Soo,
Thank you for your email, as a result of our investigation we would like to clarify the following:
Please find attached a copy of the itinerary that was furnished to you upon booking.
The tourleader Ms Nicole  has informed us that  before the dinner was served, she discretely informed you that this dinner is not included in your itinerary and that you have a choice to have your own meal if you wish but you agree to proceed with the dinner together with the group. 
Please verified the following : 
Day 02 - 10 June   Ms Nicole called you to follow up on the status of your SIC tour for the day at approximately 10pm and forward a copy of your itinerary too. 
Day 03 - 11 June   Tour leader met you at the lobby and call Australia Pinnacles Tour Coach to check the status of the Coach as  there was a slight delay  due to traffic congestion.
DAY 04 - 12 June   Ms Nicole slip a  note to your room to inform you the check out and time to assemble at lobby for 13 June. 
She has kept you informed on all the necessary event of participation despite this being a Free and Easy package. We regret if our tourleader services does not meet  your expectation and would like to apologize if she has offended you in anyway.
For your information, we offer you a full guided package where you have to top up Rm300 per person but you rejected this package without consideration.
We also informed you prior to your departure from Kuala Lumpur that you and family will be on different itinerary based on sit in coach basis (SIC)
and briefly explained to you that you would be joining other party in another coach. Free and Easy means it is not a fully guided tour and you enjoy certain amount of flexiblity at your choice.  
Thank you

Sandy Poh
Golden Tourworld Travel (M) Sdn Bhd
72, Cangkat Bukit Bintang
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 603 - 2142 9537
DL : 603 – 2118 7307
Hunting Line : 603 – 21187288
Fax: 603 – 2118 7377

 also she attached a new itinerary that doesn't match with what I had received earlier before my departure.

what is this means ya???

Finally, I decided to sent her one last email ...before I blog this out here to the world (it took me a long time to do this due to my busy working hours)

email as below:

Ace Alpha

 to sandypoh
show details Jun 29

Go ahead and be ignorance~

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