Friday, July 31, 2009

Malaysian Mentality on H1N1, Practical Jokes?

This H1N1 virus had seems to be infested any possible area on this damn earth. It was growing rapidly and multiplying just like us human - we LOVE copulating~!

Even though the cases in Malaysia has climb up rapidly just like the people who wants to break the Mount Kinabalu records ... LoL ...

However, I'm doubtful on how Malaysian handling on this pandemic situation.

I had noticed that there was only 1/100 who wears protective mask in the public~! Who cares....

Last month, I wore the protective mask and gave one to my gf for her good sake. Came to my surprise, not even 5 mins of putting it on, she took it off and complain - "... it's not coOL at all and it's suffocating me in this damn hot hot freaking climate..."

Now I see why people don't like to wear it, look.... everybody else here not bother to wear it too ... Malaysian! And I start to realize that Jap and other people who lives in colder countries love putting it on when the warmth of our breath keep them feeling good and it was part of their fashion too!

On the other hand, death cases had been reported and its on the hike locally. Here is usually how it happens. It was the same scenario as Dengue Fever ...


Patient: Doc. I got flu here.
Doc:(mumbling..) here comes another butt shit .. who wants to cheat for MC(Medical Certificate)
Patient: I'm sick ... ( most people were unable to describe their situation in details)
Doc: Take this flu pills and you will be fine soon ya~
Patient: Is it H1N1?
Doc: No, you don't have that drastic symptom silly. You will be ok ...

Usually this kind of scenario was normal and it keeps happening.

Government will do their part - keep promoting, campaign and creating awareness .. but usually don't know about their health practitioners' attitude or they just plainly close one eye. Until more deaths and more complains arise....

Doctors will do their part - keep being ignorance since it happens daily in large scale and it won't profit them that much. (yeah~ you can't blame them until you face hundred of sick people daily, people who can fake and acting it great mix with people who are genuine.

Public would usually - "... die die lah ... who cares.." (Malaysian way)

What a practical jokes .. LoL
Am I one of them? You bet ...

Myth about Press Photographers

Before getting down to the myth .. let's get understand their meaning 1st...

Job description
Press photographers take photographs to record news, current events and lifestyle stories. Their mission is to capture the emotion involved in the event they are photographing so that the readers can see and feel what it was like to be there. The pictures are then reproduced in newspapers, magazines and, increasingly, niche-market, web-based publications.
Press photographers sometimes specialise in a particular field, such as sport, current events or entertainment. The market is very competitive and many work on a freelance basis, using good business skills to sell their photographs to news agencies or publications. This work is also known as editorial photography.

Typical work activities

Press photography requires a combination of intuition, creativity and technical skills. Typical activities include:
-working closely with other people concerned with the story, e.g. journalists and picture editors, in agreeing the photographic requirements for the article;
-explaining technical photographic terminology to non-photographers;
-handling relevant administrative arrangements, such as timing, press passes, transport and access;
-finding a suitable viewpoint from which to take photographs;
-photographing events or personalities, noting details for photographic captions;
-ensuring that all pictures are appropriate, processed, catalogued and ready in time to meet deadlines;
-preparing and sending digital photographs for newspaper publication to deadline;
-maintaining up-to-date knowledge about current news stories and any specialist areas;
-sourcing freelance photographers for a job or sourcing existing photographs if pushed to meet a deadline;
-arranging lighting and other requirements for magazine studio shots;
-maintaining photographic and electronic communications equipment.

For freelance work, additional activities include:

-researching and anticipating relevant events;
-negotiating the sale of specific shots;
-handling all business activities and establishing and maintaining contacts.


* DO you have personally know any press photographer?
* Do they take better photos than enthusiast photographers?
*What do those expensive camera gears serve them when they just plainly took some simple shots where normal gears can do it too(such as Sony A200, Canon 1000D )?
*Does having great gears did reflects their photography skill or reflecting the status of the press company?
*When simple photos were made to press, does it need high qualification to be a press photographer?
*Get your stand in best view, flash and snap, blog it ...anymore criteria to get a better chance to be a press photographer?
*WHy most best snapped photos were from enthusiasts rather than press photographers?
*WHy don't enthusiasts taking up the press photographers job?
*Is it let down due to some restriction on photography style?

After all, it was just a job. Flash and snap your subject clearly, case close and go get a break~


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Indoor LOw Light Photography with Wireless Flash

I know that shooting in Low Light really sucks ... especially when you try to snap it indoor. Now I had put the test to some extreme ... I try to practice and experiment it in pitch black environment ya~

Flash: Sony HVL-F42AM

Settting it to wireless just like below for all Sony Alpha series. You also need to turn on the camera flash by pressing the 'button' on the camera body in order to get it sync. On the Menu button > Flash > Wireless Flash

Since I'm using 50mm f1.8 SAM lens, so I would manually set the range to 50mm or else with zoom lenses you would still better prefer 'Auto'

So how would I do it? yeaH~ I hand held d flash and intend to do bounce the light up~!

It was suppose to be pitch black, I make a small opening on the curtain to let just a bit of light in.
*Notice: Best use MF(manual focus) when in Low Light and I can bet your scenario won't be as dark as this. Still you would be able to focus manually.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bangkok Trip 2008 - Day 2

Good morning ^^ ... ok, this is my morning tea~ I won't be having my Breakfast here. I wanted to get it else where.

It was a bad idea for waiting a bus. Places that you wanted to go might sometime require a Taxi/Cab.
My 1st destination of the day - China Town,Bangkok
Just 50Baht from Lumpini to China Town.

OMG ... the lane was small and yet busy.
What about squeezing a car in, like this?
Well, it was normal to the locals though. When something like this car or even worse scenario, that some mini lorry tightly squeeze into these lanes, there is only one option for you - get into the shop in order to evade it ~!

Lots sa WAT (temple) not What ... but had the same sound as What ...LoL

this looks coOL~

damn ... i had no idea of which WAT I'm at now?

Bangkok Trip 2008 - Day 1

I suddenly missed my Bangkok photos ... and here is the revisiting version to share to all my readers ^^
My personal findings about Bangkok. This vacation was dated back last year June 2008....when I was still single kakaka....
This is truly a land of smile~sex? yes, if that is what you are looking for and perceive as it is.There are many facts and in practical ways, it might be another way round. Telling my experience(not story) with pictures is great & i LOVE SNAPPING around.....temporary being a STALKER is FUN too~
Here it goes .....

Damn it~! airport personnel ask me stop taking photos... so you guys better be smart, discreet and fast if you wanted a few snaps~~

A view from above .. not bad for some patches ya~ now above the Thai land~!

you would see this nice statue once you arrived ... you better be quick to snap it, security is on their way... and they were fast~!

self whoring at check-in counter... but got warned by security~!!!

nice new Bangkok airport ... but you better know where you are going and what transport to take. I had been stranded here awhile and those Internet info is not helping at all. You better have your hotel chauffeur to fetch you. If you are budget traveller just like me. You better equip yourself with a MAP and ask for nearest MRT location. Get a bus there and take MRT. For less hassle but expensive - get a cab which might cost you 500Baht.

Ok... got reached the place after asking for some directions help and the weather was kind on me - it RAINS while I'm almost reaching my Guesthouse!!!! made me a special welcome - but it wasn't Songkran(Water Festival) yet...

Dried Noodle Revisited / Ban Mee / 辣辣板面

Here we come again ... yummy~ ^^"

The place was as crowded as usual ...
The business hours here is from 8am to 4pm.

Joel was a food enthusiast.

Irene love it too...

Children Sports Day ~ ^^

Tuesday morning is a good fine day for sports ... for children to have some fun and for adult as well, perhaps morning sports in the bedroom for adults LoL

Is this DiGi ads? the Yellowman in action ... luckily the line coverage was good here. Thanks, Yellowman ...

Sweetie pie with a beercan Canon ...

Boy: I'm so sleepy ... can I go home...

Girl: This is one of my favorite snack.. yummy... biting nails... yummy ... Why you snapped me ah? You want to bite my fingers too ah? come lah...

Boy: yeahhhh... grow .. baby grow...~!

Monday, July 27, 2009

..neXt Stop - Island Cafe

Here we are ... at Island Cafe. Guess this whole lim teh(drink tea in Hokkien) session was solely for my nite portrait work-out.

Bing Bing & Yes Yes: ...snap us 1st ...snap us 1st ^^
Ok ... but the result not really favorable lehhhh... my flash skill sucks...
damn ... need to brush up more...

This one still not that good ... should use the bounce card ... result still harsh and uneven ...

Haizzz ... better order some drink 1st ... si beh du lin (Hokkien)

ok OKkkk .... pretending like those Jap cutie style ya~

Aiyo~yo~~ Bing ... what are you trying to pimp ya?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

SS2 Durian, Eat All You Can ?!

Location: SS2, Petaling Jaya

Tourist can reach this place by Taxi(best option) - fare between RM10 to 12max per trip, from Kuala Lumpur.
Best visit time: evening 7pm ~ 12am(closing)
*this Durian fruit is seasonal. Please check before embark ya~ ^^

Here we are~! Lets' witness how real is this damn deal getting to...
Ok ok... 1st thing 1st ... what is the pricing ah? Is it really RM10 for Eat All You Can?
YES it IS~!!! .... but ... not all the breeds and here the catch ...

RM10 - eat all you can, on Durian Kampung (lower grade Durian but not bad one k ... it only means not that packed with flesh/slim)

RM20 - eat all you can, on better breed - D24(should I said the most common and well choiced)

RM 8~10/per kg - as Ala Carte on those special breeds - such like Durian Raja Kunyit / 猫山王, Udang Merah / 红虾, Jhook Geok(Cantonese)/ Bamboo Leg? / 竹脚 ... etc.

Damn it... since last few days, I got a ripped off from those Durian seller. 2nite is my time to revenge .. .. muAHHH haha.. haha.. haha... (cough***)

This one looks not bad ...

...but this one smells good leh .... oK laHhh... lets go for this one lah ^^
Since we were 7 persons in total, so it was no point for all eating D24~! So, we had decided to go for Ala Carte feast *^_^*

... OMG ... just look at its' fleshhh.... very fleshy meaty lehhhh.... OMG... look at d color... damn Golden Yellow n feels like pretty delicate sweet puffy pillow lehhh...

Steven: yo~ dude... can't you cut the crap n eat it ... it's not for you to fantasize to sleep with it ..K?
Ken: what is this breed ya?
Steven: D taukeh(b0ss) said ya~ ... it was Sek Si 24(Concrete 24) aka Seksyen 24 kakaka...

What the hell was this breed? Never heard of it before... another business gimmick kakaka...

Steven: ... mmmm.... this is real goOD sHit after aLL ... damn.. bitter sweet n fleshy

Joel: ... yeaH~ it was kinda orgasmic Joy in my mouth ... such a cream pie bursting forth~!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Makan Durian / 吃榴莲 / Eat Durian

3 for RM10? ... 4 for RM10? .... 10 f0r RM10???~!!! waHHH~ damn cheap lehhh~
But these bargains were usually applies to those Kampung Durian/Wild Grown Durian/野生榴莲 ...and not those reputable D24, D101, D18, D8, XO, Udang Merah/Red Prawn(红虾) ...etc.

I would still prefer back D24 as my favorite Durian - fleshy, affordable pricing, sweet and strong aroma. If you would prefer the liquor taste, then you may go for XO. D24 is cost about RM6~8 per kg. But usually the local practice is to tweak the scale a bit n make the durian heavier so they can earn some extra cash from you; what about they add 1/2 kg on the scale? Nevermind, as long as the pricing is not exaggerate and the taste worth what you had paid.

There is one ultimate place not far from KL - that you can eat ALL YOU CAN~ FOR RM10 ONLY!!!

For more info - pls refer to this blog - or another great nice verdict

it is great if you know how to find those good one, it needs some skill but I didn't ...
so, I just leave it for them to do the job.

variety of Durian breeds

only 2 will be enough for me and my buddy Seny, we had other fruits in hand too...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sony DT 50mm f1.8 Reviewed

A major reason for its compact, lightweight lens design is the benefit of SteadyShot INSIDE™ in-camera image stabilization, built into every® α (alpha) DSLR camera -- and enabling lenses to eliminate the extra weight and expense of in-lens stabilization mechanisms. DT Lens Design.

It has a sticker here for us to scratch, then we may verify its genuine by sms.

7 Aperture blades , it gives a more circular effects.

.. this cave in design is simply serve as a hood.


This movie by Sony picture is a hot cake - 2012. If I'm not mistaken, this story is based on the prediction of Mayan calender(extremely precise on time calculation) that the world would end on 21st December 2012. This movie also talk about the ultimate escape plan by the worldwide government.

And here is the lovely trailer ....

Actually, I came to know about this 2012 topic .. 2 years ago when my bunch of buddies were having some yum cha/coffee chat. They were talking about this Zecharia Sitchin and about Christianity. I asked them - what the hell are you guys talking about? They said, if what about those light of hovering or bright light behind the scene of Bible was actually a UFO?

They talked about a guy called Zecharia Sitchin made a thesis about our ancestors were actually slaves for an intelligent race of Annunaki which based on Sumerian findings. Most of all, the discovery of Planet X aka Planet Nibiru.

Is Sony Alpha Expensive???

This questions had already bothering me for some time and I think that it has bothering others out there as well. Infact, some info had been accumulated locally and it should proves it well.

In comparison we all know that the Sony Alpha camera bodies were cheaper than the 2 leading one which is Nikon and Canon.....but what about accessories and lenses?

Here are some interesting street prices for new lenses in comparison:

16mm fisheye
Sony 16mm f1.8 fisheye - RM2600
Nikon AF fisheye 16mm f2.8D - RM2770

Canon EF 20mm f2.8 USM - RM1820
Sony 20mm f2.8 - RM1900
Nikon AF 20mm f2.8D - RM1970

Canon EF 28mm f2.8 - RM830
Sony 28mm f2.8 - RM900
Nikon AF 28mm f2.8D - RM920

cheap 50mm
Canon EF 50mm f1.8II - RM370
Nikon AF 50mm f1.8D - RM420
Sony 50mm f1.8 SAM - RM500 (motorize)

Golden Pillow(Durian Pancake) / 金枕头(榴莲糕)

In Malaysia, there was this very well known fruit- Durian (the king of all fruits). It has a strong heavy scent~! Some says that it smells exotic indescribable and some said it smells like freaking cat poo~! No matter how people conceive their taste on this fruit, it was their fate with it. The best flavor - sweet and creamy durian species were mostly found in Malaysia and not other countries. And most of it were short life span, this means they can't export overseas for best kept flavor or else the flavor may differ from its best state.

The best way to have it, is to eat it right away where you bought from those stalls at the roadside or at some night market in Malaysia but beware of those low grade one. The most common standard nowadays is the - D24 grade durian. Very affordable only RM5 per kg, if you are lucky enough on that evening. You might get 5 D24 durians in bundle just for RM15~!!! ... ofcause from the night market upon before it closing time.
Always ask them to pry it open so you may have a good look at it and smell it. Meat has to be dry and yellow, the more yellow golden or light orange... the better. Any durian flesh that looks whitish and wet or whitish too solid(生番薯) ... it spells a bad one. You may find more info by Googling on Malaysia Durian.

Below here is another type - a finishing product of durian called Golden Pillow or best known as Durian Pancake. It was wrapped in a special spring roll skin - the filling is the Durian cream and its true Durian flesh/filling. It has to be chill to taste great~!

This pack was consider not cheap for locals - RM4 per box(RM2 for a piece)

I just love trying out new things. If this was not recommended by my friend, sure I would reject the offer.... Hmmmm... the skin looks like Durian skin too (flesh)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Model is My Love


It Reminds us all ...

It was very touching ... and indeed ... most of us had experienced it before, hadn't we?

Monday, July 20, 2009

Damn Long working hours ....

My love had switched her job. Now she was a Supervisor in an Interior design furniture shop. Her working hours was same like mine - 12hours a day~

The different is I get one more off day in a week, so I got 2 days off a week.
And her one is getting paid OT.

Just wondering will I get a job I like and work for long hours with just a day off a week? Ofcourse, I would try to secure as many sales as possible since commission is the point... but I would sacrifice all my leisure and hobby time or even this blogging time for the sake of that job.

This world ... 24hours a day .. seems to be not enough for me.

So what about you my friend???

Missed the Bon Odori~!


I had missed it this year again ...
actually, ... I had missed it many times though ..LOL
I had never attend one Bon Odori before ...
just wish that I can attend it on the next year ...
damn ... I gonna make it as my commitment d ...

I must go visit it on next year~!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Taiwan Sweet Plum Potato Fries / 美味油炸地瓜-台湾版本

Me, Joel and Irene were having our walk at this new shopping mall - Tropicana Mall @ PJ. Joel was particular a food hunter just like me ... since he was more eager in trying out new snacks. So, we end up at this mini outlet.

....obviously that it was from Taiwan flavor ...
...seriously it would getting more n more crowd as we stay longer to observe ..

i would order the Potato since it was their best selling snack ..
any drink? ya~ get me a Soya Milk please...

Joel: oH~ baby ... it taste so nice leh.. please have a bite ya~

something new? chicken floss wrapped in a egg roll roti nan(baked bread)?

I love it huge~! 吗的~这么大条啊~!

Attending CHurch ~

This church had been operating for many years...
I came here on and off due to my work schedule. It was as usual, songs were meaningful but low in spirit ... probably the crowd had not yet awake from their sweet slumber.

... oic ... Ms Erica Long was the PC girl ...

... just as I'd thought - Pastor talk about this peace issue. Who can offer us real peace to our heart and soul? It's not a safe world out there. Mr Teoh who died on the day before his marriage registration.

...damn... ironic .... sister Cheryl was there and she gave me this Wedding Invitation card.

.... to Jovic and Partner ...


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