Friday, July 17, 2009

Sammi Mama's Birthday

This was a small, simple and heart warming birthday party for Sammi's mama.

Sammi's nephew - Keanu

Yummy~! We bought a nice Expresso Cheese cake from Secret Recipe, 2 combo pizza from Pizza Hut and a bucket of mix fried chicken from KFC. Sammi was helping out the preparation.

Make a wish and have a nice 1st slice ya~

Haiz... some of the family members unable to turn up since they were working ... but is ok.. they got sent in the big ang pow (red pockets). I missed that 2 small fella(Dieno and Gieno).. leh..

Happy lady ^^

Forgot to turn from timer drive to single drive mode .... they got freezed ... kakaka

... he really like those fastfoods ... me too hehehe

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