Friday, July 24, 2009

Makan Durian / 吃榴莲 / Eat Durian

3 for RM10? ... 4 for RM10? .... 10 f0r RM10???~!!! waHHH~ damn cheap lehhh~
But these bargains were usually applies to those Kampung Durian/Wild Grown Durian/野生榴莲 ...and not those reputable D24, D101, D18, D8, XO, Udang Merah/Red Prawn(红虾) ...etc.

I would still prefer back D24 as my favorite Durian - fleshy, affordable pricing, sweet and strong aroma. If you would prefer the liquor taste, then you may go for XO. D24 is cost about RM6~8 per kg. But usually the local practice is to tweak the scale a bit n make the durian heavier so they can earn some extra cash from you; what about they add 1/2 kg on the scale? Nevermind, as long as the pricing is not exaggerate and the taste worth what you had paid.

There is one ultimate place not far from KL - that you can eat ALL YOU CAN~ FOR RM10 ONLY!!!

For more info - pls refer to this blog - or another great nice verdict

it is great if you know how to find those good one, it needs some skill but I didn't ...
so, I just leave it for them to do the job.

variety of Durian breeds

only 2 will be enough for me and my buddy Seny, we had other fruits in hand too...

folks in this area were flocking in too ...

you can find Durian stalls along the roadside, night market and some food court during the Durian season.

We went up to the Small Genting / 小云顶 and had our feast there.

Seny: wei.. .. you don't want to snap pics on Durian ahhh?
Me: ... aiyoo~ no need lahhh... look at my hands ... is damn messy with the durian d ... (slurp slurp yummy)
Seny: mangosteen and longan somemore... pls finish it all ah.. if not later I sumbat you butt with it then you know...

Me: KL not much to snap one ...kakaka... just a few will do lah ...

Me: waHHhh... romantic couple lehhh.. ..when they smelled this strong fragrance ... lagi romantic ya~

Me: better go home early ... i'm feeling sleepy after my whole stomach got filled with those goodies kakaka... ^^

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