Friday, July 10, 2009

Who is Rachel Kum? Scandal.. huh?

Wei ... who is Rachel Kum ahhh? I really have no idea leh...
until I read the Star newspaper this morning. Wau..wau ..wau.. let's check this chic out will ya~

Rachel Kum, Singapore's representative to the Miss Universe 2009 pageant in Bahamas is in hot water again, for the nth time, for having another racy picture circulating in the net.Rachel is definitely one of the most attacked candidates to the Miss Universe along with Miss Philippines Pamela Bianca Manalo and Miss Vietnam Vo Hoang Yen. Poor three lovely beauties who have been into public scrutiny just because of their dreams of representing their countries to an international pageant like the MIss Universe.Well, the photo is taken from a party and there's nothing wrong being involved in this idea of fun but as a beauty queen, we really have to be very careful.

Trust yourself, 95% of Hot chiCz are NO INNOCENT GIRLS~!

they usually did love 3H or more H - Hard cash, Hot body(herself),Hot sausage~ ^^
..outer Humble, inner Huge ego (applied to most young n successful or yet to be successful) kakaka..

... how she had earned the crown and title ahhh???? ... super intelligent? exotic beauty? able to speak good English? very good PR that can tease you and makes you feels like a baby again? or... simply other contestant were not as lucky and as famous as her due to lack of fans?

...goshhh ... her friend looks sweeter than her.. ok ... we used to be like this once a while ... is fun oK~

... her friend looks sharp ... a model face for sure...

.... lots of pretty girls ... now you should know the friends to tag along and they might influence how you looks, how you shape and what kind of men attracts to you .. if lucky - rich boys/men or some influential figures ... if bad luck - swindlers, pimp, psycho ...

... i think ..having some forbidden pills is normal during clubbing for all these high flyers .. but why don't they promote it publicly ... LoL~ after all drugs is good good that it forbids to go public ... but it goes private .. more powerful than Red Bulls many can ah??? least this post may let viewer know that girls love blow jobs too... I love doing that too ^^
Hey... what's wrong here? This is my life and it won't hurt you..ok?
No doubt, cock is usually pleasant to ... u know lahhh...
It won't degrade you ... so, look .. .. ^^

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