Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bangkok Trip 2008 - Day 2

Good morning ^^ ... ok, this is my morning tea~ I won't be having my Breakfast here. I wanted to get it else where.

It was a bad idea for waiting a bus. Places that you wanted to go might sometime require a Taxi/Cab.
My 1st destination of the day - China Town,Bangkok
Just 50Baht from Lumpini to China Town.

OMG ... the lane was small and yet busy.
What about squeezing a car in, like this?
Well, it was normal to the locals though. When something like this car or even worse scenario, that some mini lorry tightly squeeze into these lanes, there is only one option for you - get into the shop in order to evade it ~!

Lots sa WAT (temple) not What ... but had the same sound as What ...LoL

this looks coOL~

damn ... i had no idea of which WAT I'm at now?

besides the WAT .. .. there was some Chinese temples ... and...

Christian churches around Bangkok too ... Kuala Lumpur had a lot of Baptist Church too ..
I was once their regular brother .. LoL

... the walk makes me feeling weak ... ya~ i need my Breakfast
may be I can find it here ... Train Station

Welcome to Bangkok Train Station ..

When you wanted to be more adventurous and taking yourself to some rural states ...
then, this would be the best idea to get yourself a ticket. Rural area most people don't understand English, they only speaks Thai.
Ok ..let me show you 3 useful International languages =
1st - hand signs
2nd - eye contacts
3rd - money
OMG ... this was huge, tender, warm and juicy piece of pock ...
No kidding it was even taste better then that 1901 Frankfurter cock ... LoL

After finished my cocky pork bun. I proceed to my next stop.
Their transportation system is not bad. MRT station was just outside of this railway station.
sorry babe for candid you here ... I just need some sampling on Thai girls. Will tell off my verdict once I had it done.

Nice statue ..

Since out there was hot like hell and its scorching ... I need to find a place to coOL down and catch my Lunch meal. So, my next destination was this Siam Square.
It's standard was equavalent to our Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur ... actually far better than Pavilion.

Just look at this Lamborghini Murcielargo ... it really signifies some status to this mall, actually it has a Marserati park next to it but I just love to snap on this one. Bet Pavilion wouldn't have this kind of cars. The best I saw in Pavilion was just the Bufouri classic car. Actually, inside this Siam Paragon you may visit many exotic cars' showrooms - Porsche, Lamborghini, Maserati and there was one more ...but just unable to identify it's name.
Does anyone needs a TV commercial in toilet?

But TV had greatly influenced on Thais lives. It was superficial in portraying that many were pretty and handsome hunk. Even those 50s uncles and aunties were well selected into dramas and commercial. This would generate an image to the future generations that they needs to look good.
But in actual, YES it did. So successful that there was virtually no over weight individual in sight, especially young females~!!
WIll elaborate more later, when appropriate time arrives...

Holy cow, this was my shop no... my boss one ...
Bangkok branch ...

those securities were damn efficient ... they cought me in the act(taking photos) and warn me ;P

This was the waiting area for movie goers. Hell, forget it... you will never have this free luxury treat of seats anywhere in KL shopping mall. Normal one lah... but not like this - long and comfy sofas where you can lay back and sleep~!!! Free of charge~!!! You can have this in Gold Class at Mid Valley's cinema but only entitle to those who have the privilege.

this really feels good least for a cheapskate tourist like me ... LoL

..some Thai snack - fried preserved egg - smelly and juicy ^^"

Not far from Siam Paragon, an easy to reach by BTS - Erawan Shrine /四面佛
It was one of the most well known Shrine around Asia or should I say ..the world?
There was many speculation and myth about this shrine. For more info -
Stalls were set up along the road - good business and probably under one boss ..LoL

thousands of tourist flocking in here daily... and mostly were from South East Asia and around the region - Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong ...etc.

there was a legend - a girl who took oath that if the Deity grant her the wish. She would dance naked infront of it in order to repay it. So, has her wish comes true? You bet....
Nowadays, there was dancers who are for hire to substitute for those who wish to perform the dance for a fee. 200Baht for a dancer and so on .. if you would like to have 5 dancers, then you would need to pay 1000Baht for a session.

what would you ask for? peace in marriage? health? some business deals?

some would even offer a wooden elephant as a token of appreciation ... and you may purchase some Gold stickers from the stalls to stick it on the elephant.

would you like to have a holy drink?

now... move on ....
the MRT was well guarded with a security guard in case of any terrorist activities .. I don't think its effective ..since he keep smiling to me ^^

rush hours.. a view from BTS station

Went back to my guesthouse ... toke a shower, rest a while and getting down to road again at 6pm to hunt for my dinner.
Just about 2 stations down from Lumpini MRT. I reached this place called Patpong. This place was filled with night markets and lot sa Go Go Bars. There was also a more upscale district in this area and it was specially cater for Japanese and Koreans - coz they were loaded and willing to spend. They did spoke Japs very well~!! They also thought that I was a Jap ..

many Japs like shops were set up just to cater for their needs.

I took my dinner here ... so so only ....

bookshop for Japs~!

then ... out of boredom, I went to Sukhumvit area
night market everywhere ..

here, one of the hunting ground for males ... it was one of the best around for moderate chap like me. Lots of expatriate here and the girls here are able to communicate in English. DOn't put your hope so high ... I failed to find one and got to head home empty handed.

Go home and sleep ... till tomorrow , it will be another story.... LoL


Cheryl Solis said...

Wow--love your photos and story! You're a good photographer, and yeah, I envy you your trip. Always wanted to go to Thailand ("Bangkok, oriental city, but the city don't know what the city is gettin'!"). Love to hear more details on your trip--what you were feeling, impressions, etc. Do come by and check out my own blog at (Reflections upon the Water) and leave a comment! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to my blog.. I was working in Bkk for a year last time. Nice place to visit; with its culture and all.. and nice photos by the way bro.. keep it up!!

Alpha Ace said...

thanks for the lovely comment and dropping by~

yeaH~ this series gonna be lenghty and will only blog it when I'm off .. LoL
I really love Thailand more than here.

Chill out my friends, will visit your blog real soon ya~ ^^

Stuart said...

Wow that was quite a day!

Love the quirkiness of your text...very easy to read :)

Found you on BlogCatalog, hope you'll check out my Travel Journal on my blog!

Alpha Ace said...

thanks Stuart ^^

it was a bit to locate you in BlogCatalog
Hence i went to your StuDotNet hehe..


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