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Bangkok Trip 2008 - Day 1

I suddenly missed my Bangkok photos ... and here is the revisiting version to share to all my readers ^^
My personal findings about Bangkok. This vacation was dated back last year June 2008....when I was still single kakaka....
This is truly a land of smile~sex? yes, if that is what you are looking for and perceive as it is.There are many facts and in practical ways, it might be another way round. Telling my experience(not story) with pictures is great & i LOVE SNAPPING around.....temporary being a STALKER is FUN too~
Here it goes .....

Damn it~! airport personnel ask me stop taking photos... so you guys better be smart, discreet and fast if you wanted a few snaps~~

A view from above .. not bad for some patches ya~ now above the Thai land~!

you would see this nice statue once you arrived ... you better be quick to snap it, security is on their way... and they were fast~!

self whoring at check-in counter... but got warned by security~!!!

nice new Bangkok airport ... but you better know where you are going and what transport to take. I had been stranded here awhile and those Internet info is not helping at all. You better have your hotel chauffeur to fetch you. If you are budget traveller just like me. You better equip yourself with a MAP and ask for nearest MRT location. Get a bus there and take MRT. For less hassle but expensive - get a cab which might cost you 500Baht.

Ok... got reached the place after asking for some directions help and the weather was kind on me - it RAINS while I'm almost reaching my Guesthouse!!!! made me a special welcome - but it wasn't Songkran(Water Festival) yet...

Here, a dude who had just got his bath & stomach filled full ... but it was after losing his precious 2 hours time from the terminal. Waiting for bus is painful experience, looking for helps who can speak understandable English with helping heart is purely base on luck. Where is the good Samaritans?
Getting my plan to work out ... I must go out and walk~!

..before going off ... just have a snap 1st

a night view from the bridge - Lumpini area
the time was - 8.15pm

nice tree... with blessing on it...

this is SUan Lum Bazaar, a well known tourist hot spot for shopping and bargain hunt on some interesting souvenirs. It was in the Lumpini area too.

Nice entrance ... but it was kinda mock one

Got harassed by some tugs or unscrupulous dealers? call this number ...
Just wondering how effective it gets?

shame ... even their taxi was far better than our Malaysian one ... at least newer and far comfortable in comparison. I ment by majority...

lots of nice cafes and restaurants inside this place

hail to Thai king~!

just don't know why ... even though it was almost empty (except ticket counter) ...but I felt more safer when compare to Kuala Lumpur ones...

it was only 9.27pm ... huh... still early ^_^

... trust me, this is the most convenient way for you to getting around in Bangkok .. and the 2nd one is TAXI not Dut Dut/Tuk Tuk. If you thinks Tuk Tuk is cheap and safe ... go and try it out on both and compare.

before I reach this place - this Swiss Roll like structure, which one of the best known hangout in Bangkok called Bed Super Club.
I got harassed by some Transexual beings even you act and ask politely. Yeah~ the more polite you are.. they gonna chew you with all they can. After all, they knew you were a tourist. Beware getting near to Bars even for a simple question for direction. If you want to get a direction please go ask some nearby Hotel, Motel, Guesthouse or some classy restaurants... not bar, not 7-Eleven and the people on the streets.

some brightly lid building ... some club for males who are willing to spend

My verdict on Bangkok Q Bar - so so, not really an impressive place to hangout. You have to pay cover charge 600Baht which entitled you 2 liquor of choice. The place was quite cramp. Best to visit it is after 11.30pm. Best when it was packed where can squeeze your body into the crowds and let each others feel your warm body in contact ... kakaka... LoL ...and that's d point when you in these hangouts. Accept it or leave it, if not ... you are just plainly looking for troubles for yourself or your friends. So, be prepare your mind....
Will post more verdict on Bed Super Club on my last day of travel. thing i like about this Q Bar - the toilet did looks great...
Who d dude ..snapping in the toilet... are you nuts!?

Feeling high after a few drinks, is time to call it my day... better take a cab. Cabs were flocking everywhere.. with a very affordable price - 6oBaht only for 2.5km ride if I'm not mistaken~!!!

to be continue.....

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