Sunday, July 26, 2009

SS2 Durian, Eat All You Can ?!

Location: SS2, Petaling Jaya

Tourist can reach this place by Taxi(best option) - fare between RM10 to 12max per trip, from Kuala Lumpur.
Best visit time: evening 7pm ~ 12am(closing)
*this Durian fruit is seasonal. Please check before embark ya~ ^^

Here we are~! Lets' witness how real is this damn deal getting to...
Ok ok... 1st thing 1st ... what is the pricing ah? Is it really RM10 for Eat All You Can?
YES it IS~!!! .... but ... not all the breeds and here the catch ...

RM10 - eat all you can, on Durian Kampung (lower grade Durian but not bad one k ... it only means not that packed with flesh/slim)

RM20 - eat all you can, on better breed - D24(should I said the most common and well choiced)

RM 8~10/per kg - as Ala Carte on those special breeds - such like Durian Raja Kunyit / 猫山王, Udang Merah / 红虾, Jhook Geok(Cantonese)/ Bamboo Leg? / 竹脚 ... etc.

Damn it... since last few days, I got a ripped off from those Durian seller. 2nite is my time to revenge .. .. muAHHH haha.. haha.. haha... (cough***)

This one looks not bad ...

...but this one smells good leh .... oK laHhh... lets go for this one lah ^^
Since we were 7 persons in total, so it was no point for all eating D24~! So, we had decided to go for Ala Carte feast *^_^*

... OMG ... just look at its' fleshhh.... very fleshy meaty lehhhh.... OMG... look at d color... damn Golden Yellow n feels like pretty delicate sweet puffy pillow lehhh...

Steven: yo~ dude... can't you cut the crap n eat it ... it's not for you to fantasize to sleep with it ..K?
Ken: what is this breed ya?
Steven: D taukeh(b0ss) said ya~ ... it was Sek Si 24(Concrete 24) aka Seksyen 24 kakaka...

What the hell was this breed? Never heard of it before... another business gimmick kakaka...

Steven: ... mmmm.... this is real goOD sHit after aLL ... damn.. bitter sweet n fleshy

Joel: ... yeaH~ it was kinda orgasmic Joy in my mouth ... such a cream pie bursting forth~!

Me: are you guys nuts~! look at it ... OMG ... can't be that fast ...

Me & Joel 》 duo dudes

Bing Bing: hehehe... I'm feelin great when swallowing those piece into my mouth ...yummy

Bing BIng: ^__^ ... c ... c ... my hand fits nicely here ...this belongs to me kakaka

Bing Bing & Yes Yes > siau ja woh(Hokkien)~ kakaka

Steven: let's see how the taukeh open a nice Durian for us ya~ hey you 2 there.. don't pray pray ya~ kakaka
Taukeh: mmm.... who eat that neatly? so clean, indeed a person who truly know how to appreciate Durian fruits. Naaahhhh, a nice one.. this one called Sek Si 24(concrete 24)

Me: ... wei ...what are you guys doing there?
Joel: drinking water from this, it can reduce the body heat ... i know it was a myth.. but it works~!
Me: oic ... then ... what about those 2 behind you doing there?
Ken: ...are you blind? ... adding some K powder lahhh ... kakaka wei.. Bing, pls add more ya~

Yes Yes: you too... drink it FAST~!!!!
Steven: ... T_T si beh jalat d... (deep shit lehhh)

Steven: i know it looks weird ... but can you stop snapping me, will ya?!!!!!

Ken: @_@" i know that this is salt k ... but can't you stop keep adding it ... damn salty lehhh. Hey this is not your mama soup lehhh...

Naaahhhh ... have to eat like this clean, then only you may consider the true Durian lover ^^

at least 7 Bangla staffs work here. Their job is simple - just pry open the RM10 Durian and serve to those buffet junkies kakaka... Actually I'm one of those junkie too ...shhhhh... don't tell others K....

Fully packed with Durian lovers ... errrrr... junkies kakaka

包山包海?咳mmm 咳嘎?你没老lun dim我 ...哦~!(all included? are you sure? don't cheat me ... you butt shit .. huh~!) kakakaka... ^0^

yet... another table ... where my other 2 friends who love to being just themselves .. ^^

Seny & his friend ^^

... many big buckets filled full ....

Ok lahhh~~ our next stop hangout would be at just a block down the street ... see you guys later at Island Cafe k ^^

the story will continue on the coming soon post .... hehehe....

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