Thursday, July 23, 2009

Golden Pillow(Durian Pancake) / 金枕头(榴莲糕)

In Malaysia, there was this very well known fruit- Durian (the king of all fruits). It has a strong heavy scent~! Some says that it smells exotic indescribable and some said it smells like freaking cat poo~! No matter how people conceive their taste on this fruit, it was their fate with it. The best flavor - sweet and creamy durian species were mostly found in Malaysia and not other countries. And most of it were short life span, this means they can't export overseas for best kept flavor or else the flavor may differ from its best state.

The best way to have it, is to eat it right away where you bought from those stalls at the roadside or at some night market in Malaysia but beware of those low grade one. The most common standard nowadays is the - D24 grade durian. Very affordable only RM5 per kg, if you are lucky enough on that evening. You might get 5 D24 durians in bundle just for RM15~!!! ... ofcause from the night market upon before it closing time.
Always ask them to pry it open so you may have a good look at it and smell it. Meat has to be dry and yellow, the more yellow golden or light orange... the better. Any durian flesh that looks whitish and wet or whitish too solid(生番薯) ... it spells a bad one. You may find more info by Googling on Malaysia Durian.

Below here is another type - a finishing product of durian called Golden Pillow or best known as Durian Pancake. It was wrapped in a special spring roll skin - the filling is the Durian cream and its true Durian flesh/filling. It has to be chill to taste great~!

This pack was consider not cheap for locals - RM4 per box(RM2 for a piece)

I just love trying out new things. If this was not recommended by my friend, sure I would reject the offer.... Hmmmm... the skin looks like Durian skin too (flesh)

... not bad ... very creamy and strongly packed with its awesome flavor ...

the truth is - after I tried one piece during day time when my friend introduce it to me. ...damn the fragrance of Durian linger in my mouth for hours~!!!

best served chill...

... the contact...

worth a try for Durian lovers~ ^^

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