Sunday, July 12, 2009

Submarine Joke

Minister A: How are you my fren? How was the last purchase last month?
Minister B: Oh~ it was great my fren ...I'm very happy with the fat commission made from our deal. Is ok for the those Helicopters n Jets .. as long as they don't break down in 10 years time ... hoHOHOHOHo~
Minister A: Ok... Ya~ do you need our parts for another commission since your military engineers might need it for parts replacement?
Minister B: No need laaa... thank Q ya~ I got my National car parts mahhh... They need my financial assistance too .. I can earn my commission from there too. If I need parts for those helicopters ... I can use parts from the cars lah...
Minister A (amazed n shock): wahhhh~ can do like that one ah?
Minister B: can ... my country everything also can one ..
Minister A: .. wei.. I know your country still lack of one thing lehhh...
Minister B: what ah???
Minister A: submarine lohhh...
Minister B: submarine ahhh?
Minister A: ya lohh~ wei ... actually ah ... it was quite diu one leh... my engineer got made the wrong size lehhh.. Since you bought a bulk order of arms last time ... I give you 30% off lah ok... so you can bill your home full price lohhh..
Minister B: nice Hoh... since we still don't have that ..and by purchasing that wallet and my face will gain some credit too ... kekekekeke
Minister A: How many you want to order ya?
Minister B: One enough 1st lah... until it betul betul tenggelam... then only I buy another one lah..
Minister A: sure tenggelam lah... u guys QC very lou-ya one .. 1st time check.. 2nd time check ...3rd time delay...4th time no respond.. .kakaka
Minister B: waH~ you so clever ahH... how you got so in depth with our culture one? You stayed here before aH?
Minister A: no lah... but I got some bohsia keep under my harem mahh.. kakaka.. I'm looking forward for your next purchase ya~
Minister B: ON lah~ I'm so happy now ...lalalala LA La ... I will take my flight to upper side of China later hehehe...

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