Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Best Spicy Noodle / 辣辣板面 @ Taman Connaught, Cheras & Kuchai Lama, Salak Selatan

This is one of the best spicy noodle you can get around this area. Spicy noodle were well known in KL and many places had attempted to produce their own.

...may be I can learn to make one when I'm retrenched or retired that time ... LoL

flour noodle + fried ikan bilis + dried chili + mince pork meat + lime + half boiled egg ...and a vege soup

mix it all, stir the noodle and pick up your chopsticks ....(leave the soup alone) ... slurrrrp .. sluurrrrp ... OMG the texture was awesome~!

my buddy Joel was feasting it deliciously ... so sinful-licious

indescribable flavor goodness~! / 太好味道了~!

This is another one which share the same great goodness ..
Located at Kuchai Lama Business Park / 旧古仔路 - KL
Menu ^^

Many people leh~~ 人山人海,好生意~

sample photos of noodles ~ yummy~

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