Tuesday, July 7, 2009

KL Bird Park & City Walk - Part 1

A view from Maluri Station - TNB building.
Star LRT line, Maluri, Cheras - 08.50am

I know that it was the largest but it wasn't any grand or filled with many species.

This was the 1st bird that caught my eyes when I enter the park.

What loving mama n chic chic

When Peacock was once young before ... hehehe ^^

Is this bird call - Heron???

Cute little fella ^^

That bird keep stomping up and down while another one keep pecking it's lunch. What a bad bad naughty bird lehhh....

A fish pond full of Koi

"..wei .. why are you open your mouth big big? nothing for you lehhh.."

...fierce fella that open it's wing wide and drives out other birds that try to have their fair share of lunch...

I think .. he will charge this boy RM5 per shot...



happy girl with parrots

they were happy with this learning trip

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