Sunday, July 19, 2009

Taiwan Sweet Plum Potato Fries / 美味油炸地瓜-台湾版本

Me, Joel and Irene were having our walk at this new shopping mall - Tropicana Mall @ PJ. Joel was particular a food hunter just like me ... since he was more eager in trying out new snacks. So, we end up at this mini outlet.

....obviously that it was from Taiwan flavor ...
...seriously it would getting more n more crowd as we stay longer to observe ..

i would order the Potato since it was their best selling snack ..
any drink? ya~ get me a Soya Milk please...

Joel: oH~ baby ... it taste so nice leh.. please have a bite ya~

something new? chicken floss wrapped in a egg roll roti nan(baked bread)?

I love it huge~! 吗的~这么大条啊~!

Joel: damn ... it was HOT~! 哎呀~很烫~!!!

.... I told you guys... just wait for awhile before putting it into your mouth ... damn HOT leh kakaka ... no lah... I think it had a lot of Aji-Nomoto kakaka

which one is better ah? ofcourse the Sweet Potato Fries lah...

chicken floss wrapped inside the egg bread ...

yummy fries ... haiz... but I would still prefer the super thick original fries(Belgium fries?) lahhhh... just wondering where to get those super huge fries???

what to eat next?

finish 1st lah... no need so greedy lah you ... can finish boh?

their staffs n menu

please make it tidy ... easy for them to clean up later ya~

Verdict: good appetizer snacks but nothing to shout about, their best snacks beside this sweet potato, there is another one - spicy fried chicken(炸香鸡). This spicy fried chicken was wery well known in our local night market, and a reputable one is called - Uncle Bob Fried Chicken


Joel Koh said...

Hey bro. Hope you enjoy a day with us. Nice pic. Keep up the good work..

Alpha Ace said...

thanks bro ...
glad that you like it ^^
more to post up ya~


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