Thursday, July 30, 2009

Indoor LOw Light Photography with Wireless Flash

I know that shooting in Low Light really sucks ... especially when you try to snap it indoor. Now I had put the test to some extreme ... I try to practice and experiment it in pitch black environment ya~

Flash: Sony HVL-F42AM

Settting it to wireless just like below for all Sony Alpha series. You also need to turn on the camera flash by pressing the 'button' on the camera body in order to get it sync. On the Menu button > Flash > Wireless Flash

Since I'm using 50mm f1.8 SAM lens, so I would manually set the range to 50mm or else with zoom lenses you would still better prefer 'Auto'

So how would I do it? yeaH~ I hand held d flash and intend to do bounce the light up~!

It was suppose to be pitch black, I make a small opening on the curtain to let just a bit of light in.
*Notice: Best use MF(manual focus) when in Low Light and I can bet your scenario won't be as dark as this. Still you would be able to focus manually.

ADi flash mode is not working here. It can only works when the flash attached to camera and facing dead straight towards subject, no twisting and no up down tilt. ADi is dead~!
Use TTL flash mode is the only option~! Solely use Manual mode as well, no Aperture mode or Speed mode. The flash will adjust the exposure for you, so ..DON'T FRAID OUT! kakaka ...
Max speed flash for my Sony A300 was 1/160. Any number exceed the 1/160 - HSS function will automatic turn ON(for high speed flash but less powerful)
Now lets begin ...
This pic was in ISO1600

TTL Flash - Flash setting power - Auto
f1.8~f9 (same exposure...only depth of field would b different)

TTL (same as above)
f1.8~ 9
1/320 (now the speed made difference - triggering HSS which lower flash power)

*When you choose WIDE on the selection below, the exposure would seem to be a bit brighter on the overall picture.

Verdict: Better operate the whole damn thing in MANUAL when you are in LOW LIGHT environment. One more thing .... - it was very very VERY annoying when your pre-flash keep flashing on your Sweet Lovely Model to get the correct exposure reading(only happens when you are not in Manual Mode - A/P mode will shame you~!)
*Still you can get exposure reading when pressing AEL button(Auto Exposure Lock) ...but with less annoying flashing - just with 2 brief flash. When you got AEL by toggle ON, you may change the speed by rotating the control dial.
Happy test drive it and practice it more ya~

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