Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Children Sports Day ~ ^^

Tuesday morning is a good fine day for sports ... for children to have some fun and for adult as well, perhaps morning sports in the bedroom for adults LoL

Is this DiGi ads? the Yellowman in action ... luckily the line coverage was good here. Thanks, Yellowman ...

Sweetie pie with a beercan Canon ...

Boy: I'm so sleepy ... can I go home...

Girl: This is one of my favorite snack.. yummy... biting nails... yummy ... Why you snapped me ah? You want to bite my fingers too ah? come lah...

Boy: yeahhhh... grow .. baby grow...~!

Boy A: stop touching me you gay boy ... or else my baby muscle will rapture your balls in seconds~!
Boy B: take it easy you scumz ... it just look cute I just admiring it ...
Boy A: back off now~! this baby will turn into Wolverein arm real soon!

...humid and hot ..... haiizzzzzz....

Boy: tired and sleepy lehhh ... mama ... where is my PsP? outdoor sucks..

Loaded chics playing with papa's camera ...

Happy drum girl

young photographer

a veteran who enjoy fondling his long lens

3 style shooters

even in 'stiff' competition ... competitors do help each others out ..oH, how sweet ya~

his shameful transaction with the illegal can drink dealer? come on ... that's not a drug deal..

jump .. jump ... ya jump jump

life is like that, try to jump in competition; the faster you trying to get, the higher risk of getting tumble, it also won't warrant you getting a win. Sometime it spell badly injured and you would need a long rest.

When you falls and lost, spectators will enjoy the show and laugh all they can.
Isn't she cute? I love her laugh ... ^^

Ma mi ... I want to go home ... I miss my online friends ..I miss my Live Sex Chat Online too..

Bare and no bare ... the competition is fair? sure boh?

Boy: ... go away you scum photographer or I would kick you like this cone~!
Me: ...okay you win ... Happy?
See, life is like that. Just don't take it that personally. Chill out and have a nice day ^_^*

Damn, it's getting hot here. I'm gonna go home now before 12pm. This sun will toast those dudes like the Kenny Roger's Roasters soon ....kakaka .... bye~

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