Friday, July 31, 2009

Myth about Press Photographers

Before getting down to the myth .. let's get understand their meaning 1st...

Job description
Press photographers take photographs to record news, current events and lifestyle stories. Their mission is to capture the emotion involved in the event they are photographing so that the readers can see and feel what it was like to be there. The pictures are then reproduced in newspapers, magazines and, increasingly, niche-market, web-based publications.
Press photographers sometimes specialise in a particular field, such as sport, current events or entertainment. The market is very competitive and many work on a freelance basis, using good business skills to sell their photographs to news agencies or publications. This work is also known as editorial photography.

Typical work activities

Press photography requires a combination of intuition, creativity and technical skills. Typical activities include:
-working closely with other people concerned with the story, e.g. journalists and picture editors, in agreeing the photographic requirements for the article;
-explaining technical photographic terminology to non-photographers;
-handling relevant administrative arrangements, such as timing, press passes, transport and access;
-finding a suitable viewpoint from which to take photographs;
-photographing events or personalities, noting details for photographic captions;
-ensuring that all pictures are appropriate, processed, catalogued and ready in time to meet deadlines;
-preparing and sending digital photographs for newspaper publication to deadline;
-maintaining up-to-date knowledge about current news stories and any specialist areas;
-sourcing freelance photographers for a job or sourcing existing photographs if pushed to meet a deadline;
-arranging lighting and other requirements for magazine studio shots;
-maintaining photographic and electronic communications equipment.

For freelance work, additional activities include:

-researching and anticipating relevant events;
-negotiating the sale of specific shots;
-handling all business activities and establishing and maintaining contacts.


* DO you have personally know any press photographer?
* Do they take better photos than enthusiast photographers?
*What do those expensive camera gears serve them when they just plainly took some simple shots where normal gears can do it too(such as Sony A200, Canon 1000D )?
*Does having great gears did reflects their photography skill or reflecting the status of the press company?
*When simple photos were made to press, does it need high qualification to be a press photographer?
*Get your stand in best view, flash and snap, blog it ...anymore criteria to get a better chance to be a press photographer?
*WHy most best snapped photos were from enthusiasts rather than press photographers?
*WHy don't enthusiasts taking up the press photographers job?
*Is it let down due to some restriction on photography style?

After all, it was just a job. Flash and snap your subject clearly, case close and go get a break~



Anonymous said...

Nice write up. In Malaysia press most of the time the shots are at very safe level. Just go as close as possible and make sure you get the moment shot, such as a handshake, laugh, angry, tears, chaos.... For photojournalist like Reuters and NatGeo, they did the same thing but in different way. They might not use flash to static the fight scene instead motion blur it to give more impact. Nevertheless, I prefer the photojournalism kind. In fact, many Malaysian work for international media as well.

Why we need a fast SLR (D3??) and big flash? To ensure the moment is capture by triggering machine gun continues shooting mode :) That's what our press need: capture the moment.

Alpha Ace said...

coOL~ thanks for the great feedback Riki ^^

... but it was too unconvincing with those photos standard ... looks amateur anyway..

No wonder they always said - best talents of Malaysian were always got head hunted by overseas company~

...sigh... low pay, low standard - they paid peanuts n got bunch of monkeys LoL


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