Friday, July 31, 2009

Malaysian Mentality on H1N1, Practical Jokes?

This H1N1 virus had seems to be infested any possible area on this damn earth. It was growing rapidly and multiplying just like us human - we LOVE copulating~!

Even though the cases in Malaysia has climb up rapidly just like the people who wants to break the Mount Kinabalu records ... LoL ...

However, I'm doubtful on how Malaysian handling on this pandemic situation.

I had noticed that there was only 1/100 who wears protective mask in the public~! Who cares....

Last month, I wore the protective mask and gave one to my gf for her good sake. Came to my surprise, not even 5 mins of putting it on, she took it off and complain - "... it's not coOL at all and it's suffocating me in this damn hot hot freaking climate..."

Now I see why people don't like to wear it, look.... everybody else here not bother to wear it too ... Malaysian! And I start to realize that Jap and other people who lives in colder countries love putting it on when the warmth of our breath keep them feeling good and it was part of their fashion too!

On the other hand, death cases had been reported and its on the hike locally. Here is usually how it happens. It was the same scenario as Dengue Fever ...


Patient: Doc. I got flu here.
Doc:(mumbling..) here comes another butt shit .. who wants to cheat for MC(Medical Certificate)
Patient: I'm sick ... ( most people were unable to describe their situation in details)
Doc: Take this flu pills and you will be fine soon ya~
Patient: Is it H1N1?
Doc: No, you don't have that drastic symptom silly. You will be ok ...

Usually this kind of scenario was normal and it keeps happening.

Government will do their part - keep promoting, campaign and creating awareness .. but usually don't know about their health practitioners' attitude or they just plainly close one eye. Until more deaths and more complains arise....

Doctors will do their part - keep being ignorance since it happens daily in large scale and it won't profit them that much. (yeah~ you can't blame them until you face hundred of sick people daily, people who can fake and acting it great mix with people who are genuine.

Public would usually - "... die die lah ... who cares.." (Malaysian way)

What a practical jokes .. LoL
Am I one of them? You bet ...

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