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Bangkok Trip 2008 - Day 3 Part 1

This the 3rd day of my journey ^^
This post, I would talk about topic which would be more interest to guys - Thai girls~!

It was to my surprise when I start to get into this observation and a bit uneasy for being a candid photographer or... better still the name fits into - The Stalker.

I would start to tell my findings slowly....

Here was the guesthouse that I stayed in - Charlie Guesthouse, Lumpini, Bangkok
Will show more when you keep following the posts ^^

Nice day~

You would see Thai King's portraits almost everywhere. And there was a question got hit my mind ... why not His son? lets all readers guess then .... it is forbidden to talk about that... just think ok....

Boxing Stadium at Lumpini. This Lumpini had a lot of places of interest to discover about ^^

Now, I got this peculiar feeling. I keep thinking and thinking ... I don't mean that Thai girls were very very pretty ... but they did posses some exotic feels even at their young age(sample girl below, girl who waits at BTS station). I also found out that it was quite a normal to find out a whole big bunch of these girls with same grade of attractiveness.

Probably your taste might differs from mine but one thing that I can be damn sure, it was hard to find girls who are OVERWEIGHT - HERE, THAILAND~!!!

*Was it their diet?
*Was it wide mix parentage from WW II expatriates? (generations ripe on 80's and 90's)
*Was it commercial superficial brainwashed them since childhood that image is important?
*Was it peer groups that influence their image preference?
*Were they majority economic poor so they were unable to filled their stomach full and most of the time on diet?

No matter how I justify it... you gonna visit Bangkok, take BTS, MRT, walk more, observe and judge for yourself LoL ~!

Damn, KL girls quality look sucks when compare to them, at least Malaysia got far more overweight citizens than Thailand. Well fed for sure ... LoL

She was a good sample..

ok.. ok ... 1 out of 4 here ... more to go ....
but KL you can't get this number ... KL usually is 1 out of 10 or even 20

Just enter to it, i got more samples here ... chance definitely higher than KL

when pretty girls were in large number .. they were just like stones ... not diamonds ...
while in KL ... pretty girls were like diamonds coz KL pretty girls were rare but here pretty girls were in abundance~!

More sampling ...

This was their National Monument ... cOoL~

i would stalking guy too kakaka >_<"
damn ... this sample was blurred ...

any fat chics???? heLLO~~!!!

Ok, here was my 2nd destination of the day hehehe...

One of the LARGEST weekend market in Thailand - CHATUCHAK WEEKEND MARKET

Covering 70 rai (35 acres) of land with over 15,000 stalls and more than 200,000 visitors every Saturday and Sunday, Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok is the mother of all markets - and possibly one of the biggest and most famous markets in the world.
If bargain-hunting gives you an adrenalin rush, get ready for a head-spinning, earth-moving experience. Conquering this massive market is no easy feat though. The reward for taking a lot of patience along - together with a bottle of water - is that you can find pretty much anything here.
It might suffocate you~! Damn warm and humid ... and I sweat like hell~~ @.@"

looking for TOILET at Chatuchak market? don't look around ... just look up~!!!

Nice art ^^

OMG~!!! even their Toilet cashier girl looks better than Malaysia one ....

ain't it cute?

come ... cutie cutie cutie ^^


some said - a pen can kill . ... I guess they were damn right

anyone needs a sword? Hey, you will never ever see swords sell in Malaysia like this or close to this. If Malaysia did sell like this ... shit ... will be lots of killing and robbery.
But why this doesn't or seldom happens in Thailand publicly, except for riot time? LoL

waH Lau ehhhh.... Terracotta sword lehhhh....

choose your weapon .... ^^

or choose this ...

oK... now back to sampling girls and stalking ... candid lahhh

here was a local shop promoter girl ... up to standard lah

these 2 were probably Hongkies, Japs, Korean or Taiwanese ... but you can have this quality girls in local Bangkok especially the Chinese descends one. Most fair skin Thai Chinese were from wealthy families ... there are some facts that may justify it and sounds make sense too. Look at their skins and their dressing, especially the hair style - not cheap to get it done by some stylist and not forget about those hair treatment ... you can tell from many aspects - pls OBSERVE k.... LoL

girls love cute cute shop ^^

Thai girl in their school uniform

Thai girl goes shopping ...

I'm exhausted and here I came to this drinks stall ^^ She was nice and friendly.
Hardworking Thai girl ... with a look of mix parentage ... how would she looks when unbind her tooth's bracelet, untie the hair, put on make up and dress nicely?

I was damn tired ... envy those who got their free ride, I would like to ... but just look at it, how could I squeeze in ... CCB #^&&(^*@!

A group of Domestic pets welfare volunteers. Promoting awareness on pets abuse? Please adopt one home ...
Ok ... if the pussy cat was a Hot Wild Cat Woman .. LoL ... sorry lah~

it works on other countries except Malaysia ...

Fresh Fry~!!!!!! ... look at it ... look at it ... now you see it alive ... now you DON'T~!!!!

she knew that I snapped her ^^ cheers baby LoL~

nice, humid, simple place and variety of food ...

Thai's Roast Pork was different from Malaysia one .... crispy like roast pork(烧肉)but taste like skewed pork(叉烧)

young girl like this one who performs to earn a living; to help out family was normal here... perhaps most of the places around the world. Malaysia got a lot ... sigh....

she was cute and she can moves to charm you ~

these pets were subtle and looks sleepy .... easy, just DRUG them~!!!
I got WARNED for not to take their photos ...

Thai snacks ... these were some of the best ~!!

fake MONK~!!!!

look at those friendly Thai school boys and girls ^^ any fat fat one????
They were not as camera SHY as like Malaysian. They enjoy it~! You try shoot some Malaysian school girls ... they will either evade/hide their face or look at you with some strange stares...

... damn hot .. gonna head back to my guesthouse for next destination later... need some rest and refresh my body ...

... MORE about THAI GIRLS ... be continue ....


An Asian Traveler said...

Interesting topic Thai girls. :) Have you been to Ho Chi Minh? Most of the Vietnamese girls are so slim. I love Chatuchak market.

Alpha Ace said...

Wish I may visit Ho Chi MInh too .. but it was not my priority travel destination for time being hehehe..

I love Chatuchak market too. I got even lost my way there ...LoL and had spend 1 hour figure my way out while I keep walking and trying. Would bring my compass along the next time kakaka

Anonymous said...

Hi Ace,

I definitely agreed with you on the girls in Thai as you has earlier mentioned. Damn!~

aNThony Ng


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