Monday, August 17, 2009

Bangkok Trip 2008 - Day 4 Part 2

I had no idea but I really fond on visiting this Chatuchak market even though I had visited once and it was very very time consuming.

I donno ... may be ... I believed that there are still areas there that I had yet to explore.

Ok ... lets continue my candid stalking ya ..kakaka

Thais with Korean/Jap trend of hairstyle ... coOL~ Guess they did this practice just like Malaysian and Singaporean did as well. Hey ... Thais were very fashion conscious lehhh..

Take a shower and let's my journey continue ya~
a nite view from the bridge .. just outside the guesthouse area - main road

Back to Suam Lum Bazaar.
woW~ I hadn't notice this on my previous visit. It's a huge food court where they got a live show. Never mind ... I won't be sitting down there and make myself looks lonely >.<"
the fake grand entrance again...

very nice Tuk Tuk .. but my PnS unable to perform well here..

cheaper alternative of food court, still it was in this Suan Lum Bazaar, actually the grand one was just 30m behind this..

I walked to the end and walk far right to this isolated roll of shops ... and I came back to this foot massage shop. It was small, quiet and private(since no one going that far end)

Clean and well decorated. Sorry, I had lost its contact ;P

when it was done and they were happy to join me in this snap ^^

well, what would I do for my last nite here in Bangkok???

oK~ let's head to this Swiss Roll - Bed Super CLub (one of the best clubbing in Bangkok)
Cover charge is 600Baht for 2 drinks.

Bacardi Silver+Coke was my choice drink that nite ^^ .... not bad ...

probably I came a bit early ... not that happening(not that packed)
but usually It was blessing in disguise too ...
Bed Super Club had 2 wings - ONe for dance floor clubbing and ONe for dining & dance on the other side ...
Luckily I had a habit of EXPLORE THOROUGHLY(developed since I play ARPG games) ..LoL

This was the dining and dance side of this Swiss Roll

hehehe... what a friendly n witty genttleman - he knew I would snap him ^^
..thanks mate~ whoever you are~

I bet you would love this place ^^

keep snapping .. and I know that I'm a weirdo loner here...

until I snapped this newly came patrons ... they bumped up to me and we started chatting away
not that lonely after all ^^
they were Taiwanese who came here for vacation just like me.

I ordered a few snacks ... and lets share 2gether lahhh ^^

Fried Squids - nothing to shout about~

this one is Thai Spring Rolls(popiah-Hokkien)
taste a bit special but still ... nothing to shout about
It did really looks pleasant ~

Hey GUYS! nice samples here ~ nite time sampling proves better kakaka...
I found 2 ladies with Durian 34D ;P

they got the moves ...
I had snapped a lot from the dancing couple but I had also deleted most of it.. LoL

ok, let's get back to the other side of the noisy dance floor~

many Hot cHIcs ... but hell my mind was intoxicated by the alcohols ... I need to call it my day..

shit ... even b4 you manage to go in n shit ... it looks coOL

mate ... I bet they got the most efficient Taxi around .. don't worry that you can't catch one ..and it was affordable. If you get one from KL, you would probably end up at cut throat charges.

the 2 boobies stayed here ...
oK lahh ... bye bye~ boobies ... damn .. they had just past by my life and their name as well kakaka
what name d ahhh .... ???? daMN my brain was ultra poor in remembering NAMES! hey~! don't ask me about your names ..k LoL ...shame on me ...

red face ... slow reaction ... looks suCK ... and still .. I wanted to get into this 7 Eleven
I need something to chew ..K

WTF! their menu was far better than Malaysia one ... lame....

I caught my taxi within 10secs!

it was about 11.45pm then ... feeling HIGH .. a bit blur blur ... and wanted to snap..

this was a good piece of shit for you to sniff .. Poy Sian Inhaler ~
I bought a few ...and intend to share it to my friends ^^

looks messy? ... who cares ... I'm gonna sleep soon ... just don't bother
ya~ by the way I was standing NAKED and snapping these pics ..
the room was hot since the AirCon had not coOL down the room yet~

yuMmY~ it love biting it kakaka

souvenirs ~

this FBI is for Steven Cheng

this 2 for myself

this one is for Joel

.. lepas makan, pergi tidur (after eat, go sleep)

My last day in Bangkok? to be continue ...


nikki said...

I personally think the average Thai is more stylish than the average Malaysian...I did this survey at the airport by the way.
Durians? I didn't know you call breasts durians! Is it what they call it in Malaysia??
HAHA! I love the T-shirt! Joel's got the best one!

Alpha Ace said...


kakaka... did he(Joel)? He was my buddy he deserves it ^^

No.. i call it Durian as my way when I blogging it and it came since Durian has a breed called D24.

Malaysian still calls it as others did - boobs, boobies, milk bags, balls, bombs, papaya, torpedoes, rockets, mi mi ...etc. kakaka.

May be next time I can blog about Ah Beng trend kakaka

Aree said...

nice post

Alpha Ace said...

thanks Aree ^^


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