Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fighting Myoclonic Epilepsy

Myoclonic Epilepsy?
Since I'm not a doctor I explain it in my own context which simply means - Nerve system(spinal cord) problem which caused Seizure and Epilepsy.

I keep digging Google for the facts that what causes this to happen and I found the some facts about it -
Myoclonic Epilepsy and a supporting facts from a Forum

After reading all those lengthy facts - it boils down to few things which can improve the case -
1) accept the fact that it was like that
2) be positive and be happy, watch more funny movies or read jokes, brain will release Endorphine which would relax muscles and strengthen Immune System
3) do Physiotherapy and light exercise so the muscles would be strengthen

Lastly and the best of all - Acupuncture

All are meant to lessen the dreaded symptom and to improves one condition, better still to eliminate the said disorder.

The one who suffer most is not the patients themselves but the person who took great care the patient...

God bless and peace~

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