Thursday, August 27, 2009

GOing to Melaka - Eat Eat lehhh~ ^^

  early morning ... going to where ya?  ..Melaka lohhh~  

once I reached Pudu Raya Bus Station ... I start looking for my breakfast  ^^


it was too early here ... but still this stall manage to secure some morning niche ya~

 sure lahhh ... just look at d neighbours kakaka...~ they were still sleeping



just order a Wanton Dry Noodle with Roast Pork(云吞面烧肉干捞) will do lah~
Actually it would taste much better when compare to BBQ Pork (my taste)  LoL


not bad ... really crispy and crunchy Roast Pork ... what would I do next?


Get a nap, this journey would take about 2 hours ride. Geeee... I use my facial mask + handkerchief = eye pad    LoL   

while waiting for my baby to pick me up ... I found this interesting subject   hehehe...

after meeting up with my honey bunny ... we go for another bout of breakfast again .. kakaka

Curry Noodle(加里面条) ..this one was spicy and creamy ...but nothing to shout about.

my dish of scramble eggs + soy sauce + pepper powder with bun

Fast Forward to Lunch time ~!   
If you thins that Chicken Rice Balls in Jonker Street was reputable and taste good ... then I would show you this one which it would kicK their S far far away~!

This is one of the best Chicken Rice that you can get in Melaka

Their address:

Wilson Chicken Rice
578 Taman Melaka Raya
Malacca, Malaysia 75000
+60 6 284 3336

Very affordable~! Just RM11.oo !!!

Generous portion for 2  persons ~!

It was usually in combination of grilled and stewed chicken ... haiz ... don't care lahhh
it just taste so damn good ...      also those crispy curls were fried intestine?? but taste damn yummy~!

look at it~!!!  silky smooth~!!!

he caught me snapping  kakaka~

Sammi said - '..add some dark soy sauce ..'

totally agreed, it taste much better with their sauce ...*sparingly ya~

all sauces you need ... especially this chili one  ^^"

yo mate~ 
he was ordering some Take Away lehhhh~

Have you notice? ...  the plates and bowl - CLEAN!

This Wilson Chicken Riec got a few branches around Melaka but this is the best one!
It sure beats Hoe Kee Chicken Ball Rice in Melaka

Fast Forward again   ...Dinner time  kakakaa

Dessert House  ...

This one on below, looks fancy but ain't suit to our taste - too sour ..

this one ... ok lahhh   ..but nothing to shout about

damn ... not nice, taste too light ...just like tasteless ... #@$&*%$$@#  ...
what bunch of monkeys inside d kitchen .. I can cook much better than them ..
d boss paid peanuts and he got this bunch of monkeys!!!

 what to do? I need to re-adjust the taste with sauces ..
Just don't waste it, finish it ya~
This one will be ban~!
Not many Chinese Dessert House in Melaka .. so you may know which one soon ..






Going home ...


till then ...  bye bye honey bunny   ~

* all shots were taken by Canon A550 PnS


nikki said...

Aw, you went for a day trip to eat with your beloved? Thats so sweet! :)

Alpha Ace said...

thanks my fren ^^
i can only meet Sammi twice a month on usual months ...
but we are getting more chances now ^^

will visit again on 3rd Sept(her B'day leh) hehehe..


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