Friday, August 7, 2009

wHAT to Eat? 有什么好吃?

Steamed white chicken + Fried Dumping + Claypot Porridge for two were awesome breakfast for sure~!

soft tender meat ...

crispy skin and fleshy prawns inside

hot ... smooth chicken+preserved eggs porridge

what a great breakfast alternative for Dim SUm ... it would be better still if got Fried Fritters/ 油炸鬼 here .... oOoPs ... forgotten to order ... but hell ...can we finish it or not ah?

The problem was - damn ... I had no idea on location about this lovely place. ..if not mistaken it was located behind the Renaissance Hotel, Melaka kakaka... you will come to an abandoned building which was a cinema and a sizable outdoor car park, this shop was there just a few steps forward ahead.

It only opens from morning till afternoon.

It only cost - RM24

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