Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bangkok Trip 2008 - Day 5 - Final Part

oK  ^^"  this would be my last day here in Bangkok for this trip. What I do for this short remaining few hours of time???

I went to the Paramount Mall and experience their cinema there ..LoL..
It wasn't cheap when compare to Malaysia(RM10). It did gave the  Gold Class feels but It wasn't Gold Class and it cost me 160Baht. The movie I watched that time was - Sex and The City but ...damn ...I was unable to finish it due to my flight schedule.

Waiting for bus was definitely a let down .. and you can't rely on it coz it would definitely drag YOUR TIME!!!  So, the best bet would be TAXI  ^^  It was reasonable not exaggerated the rate = 500Baht

If you take Taxi from Kuala Lumpur to KLIA it would easily cost you RM100~120. You better take the Express Transit(train) at KL Central which only cost RM30.

 some pics along the highway



...while at the Departure Hall ....
@#$&%^**   ..  some dudes who don't speak Thais and barely speak English was wasting our time on the damn queue. That Mr.Smart S should look for help ... should look for a Chinese who can help him out....

LoL  ... should had help him out    ;P



Interesting ....   it was an International Credit Card Calls Machine!  Malaysia doesn't has ONE!!!

 hehehe... playing with my PnS camera

What can I expect more from RM10 ya~? A Malaysia local dish called -  Nasi Lemak Rendang Ayam.
... mmmm...  taste not that suCKs  ... not bad at all    ..LoL.. 


Bought a local Thai gossip magazine before I catch my flight. Was that girl Nong Poy? .... not her ....  but it can really shows that Thai girls were really sizzling hot and cute as well.

Angel Face, Devil Body / 天使的面孔,魔鬼的身材


~The END~


nikki said...

What is a PnS phone? Panasonic??

Haha, you bought Thai magazines to look at the women/man-ladies? Or are you Thai-literate?

Alpha Ace said...

oH~ my Point n Shoot camera kakaka ... is Canon A550

No, I can't read Thai ..but can speak just a little simple one only.
I learn it from web and YouTube too hehe


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