Sunday, August 30, 2009

29th August - Just Walk n Snaps ^^

Just bring my SOny A300 + 50mm f1.8 out  ^^  .. just hand held but need to bump up the ISO800~1600

this one not that sharp ... actually not many were pin sharp .... kakaka

the 'lepak culture' means loitering culture ... sigh...


these straight lines attracted me to snap~!



kakakaka  ~ you snap ..i snap ..everybody snap snap ~ ^^


nikki said...

Is this during the Merdeka holiday? I can't imagine why so many would want to go trigger happy like that every night! So many candids! Love your candids!

Alpha Ace said...

yup~ It was always packed with ppl at this kind of place regardless of any days in the year ^^

but this loitering culture is really a disease to the society. It had encouraged a lot of ill activities..

what those young dudes would do? they were Muslim..

when i was young - I love SEX ... will they?


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