Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hiroshima & Nagasaki Nuking/Bombing is a 'Karma'

I read the newspaper 2day ... an article was about this shit - Nuclear weapon and the tragedy of Hiroshima & Nagasaki ... tragedy? really? They also said American had committed war crime??? really??? ... i think the Yankies had did a great job as being a justice executor for those freaking Japs army. How would I justify it ? ... read on ...

marvelous power of wrath from God above ... He would destroy it as like Sodom and Gomorrah as stated in the Bible.

yeaH~ the generations and all over the world would know the ugly side of wars ... but why and who starts it?

why Japanese and Nazis commits crime like those below?

It was all about Nanking/Nanjing on the below:

Click here for more about RAPE OF NANKING

They came, they see, they conquer, they rape, they kill ... and they LOVE doing it~!!!
Ma CCB ... ka ni niah Loh Bak Tau ( Hokkien + Canto)

they Love killing kids ... babies ... still they got developed a special stunt where they throw up the baby and use the gun with knife to stab the baby ... the more stylish and louder the baby cries ... the better of satisfaction ... damn ... where is that pic ... I failed to Google it out.

a newspaper article that shows 2 Japs who did a competition on chopping off MOST HEADS~!!!
what a freaking sport ... any military around the world still practice this sport?

do you feel this Japs HAPPY go LUCKY? killing is good and enjoyable? so why he keep happy and smiling wide?

coOL~ how those Japs can rape and kill with such artistic way huh~!

old lady ... y spare them ... a different taste of pussy ... Japs love it. No wonder adult manga in Japan were mostly bizarre and daring. HaVE you watch any Japanese Hentai or Porn lately? Do view a few ... you might get some clue about this shits...

For more in-depth account about it please refer RAPE OF NANKING

stop NUke and wars yea~ forgive Japs, yea!

forget about their crime? NO! Do they deserve a Nuke during WWII as a perfect Karma? to me, YES~!

what about your opinion?

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