Friday, August 7, 2009

FLoria Putrajaya 2009 - Malaysia Flora Festival

I got the info from Internet ...
I took the bus Metro No.68 at MyDin facing Maybank not KotaRaya Complex(some dude from the official Tourism website gave inaccurate info)
... usually their ultimate reason would be - "... information will be change without any prior notice, all inconvenience caused were much regretted.."

damn ... I can gave those professional excuses too ... even I'm just a low pay chap.

The bus would take about 45mins to reach Putrajaya from Kuala Lumpur, ya~ not including those waiting time which would reap another 25mins from you~!
Bus ticket fee - RM3.50

1st shot .... d BALLS ...
by d way, the weather was damn ultimate hazy ... i did used polarize filter too... what to do, I'm off that darn day...

I love this shot~! cute isn't it?

focus wrongly due to reflective LCD ... still ... the color was lovely...

fake one, they just hang it onto it...

broken?here? in this Putrajaya? sorry... it had another one next to it which was BROKEN TOO! ... vandalism... is well known act in Malaysia..


happy time...

why did i shot this one???? coz ... I'm damn THIRSTY~!!!

who d nice citizen put this artistic trash here??? i hate those rubbish worm...
by the way, the cleaners were blind too~!!!

consider cute chic?

may be this turtle would be more cute ..LoL

low angle snaps were always the best and most favorable ..

looks familiar... who ah? ... I'm sure he was a Alpharian(member of
carrying with an A700 + 70-200/2.8G lens ...coOL..
He is - Mr. Din210

outside was hazy and extremely hot ... I got fever... I'm sure it was from it....

here ... OMG ... i just love staying here... AIR-CON~!!! omg... yes yes yes~! AIR CON~~
indoor garden ya~ even though all these were temporary till 8th August kakaka

umbrellas art~

a few animal figurines ... this one was made of fruit seeds /瓜子

a veteran Nikon user keep shooting this tree ... ??? ok lah... i just try snap one ya~ ^^

shooting children was d best - no complain from them and they were the most natural ones around

which one do you prefer? sorry ... no Air-Con and no proper seats for you~!!!
sit where? sit on the road side ~!!!

some snaps before I catch the bus and heading home ... feeling sick ... fever had setting in...

the series was taken on 4th August 2009 ... few more days and it would end.
See you next year? It was damn damn hot... be prepared~ >.<"

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