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Bangkok Trip 2008 - Day 3 Part 2


..just came back from Chatuchak market ... the heat out there is killing me @.@"
get a coOL Isotonic drink - 100PLUS and self cam-whoring a bit hehe...

here was the room I stayed in ... just about 500Baht a night
got it booked online ^^ It was practical not to stay in Stars rated hotel since I did not need to use their facility. I just need a place to sleep and to take bath ^^ . The staffs here were friendly too. I'm delighted to tips them since they were helpful at all time.

it was a cramp room i guess .... but everything was functioning well

.. is this what you would call - Metro-sexual guys?

well understood ... wastage is not eco friendly. I'm going out now ... ^^

a snap before my van comes to fetch me. I had booked my Dinner Cruise online prior b4 my arrival here at Bangkok.

not bad ... they fetch me... ONLY ...

an interesting scene upon my arrival ..but ..BRUTAL ..
the DOGS were having some great time ...then suddenly some S Holes(dogs) came in and attacked the couple. ..the worst part was - these pity 2 were still TIGHTLY LOCKED ..
what if this scenario happens to some dudes? oooHhhh ... scary ...

nvm ... forget those animals~~~

Now here ... can I resume my girls sampling and some findings?

nothing to do ... so I just snapping around ..

nice view .. but I can't find this in KL, Penang ...or Melaka ... yeaH~ this is BangKok~!!!

girl who rehearsal her traditional dance moves

do you like their costumes?

a sudden influx of patrons - they were usually under tour groups

a courtesy of culture

couple at work?

flower boy cum cameraman?

you may book it online and it usually offers you cheaper pricing. It only cost 1100Baht online, if you book it there, they would charge you 1400 Baht. Pay when you are there, they just do the reservation for you 1st while you book online. DO remind them 1 or 2 days before the dinner. The practice would be good for both parties.

this was the lovely boat - rice barge converted? I heard that - yes, it was...

their tables ...

my exclusive table - just for me, since I was the only loner here kakaka ... FRONT SEAT(1st class) ..LoL...

the other rice barge cruise from other company ..

my new Thai friend who was a local tour guide

mouth watering starter ... I would usually thought - these kind of preparation is only great for look not the taste ... but it did proves me WRONG~! CrisPY and paCKED with flavor!!!

snack for my itchy itchy mouth ... LoL

MC .. who talks about the ship, the surrounding and the history ...

cute entertainer who performs traditional musics ...

PnS camera was like this ... ISO800 is useless here... Low Light + Moving Objects + Rumbling Boat + Slow Shutter SPeed

Why they serve me Tom Yam soup 1st? ...coz.. it would open our appetites with the mild spicy sour taste of it

unless the subject was brightly lid ... or else it would blur like hell .. >.<"

why I snapped this in the 1st place, it was blurred? yeaH~ someone did said those food were pre cook before it is serve. Hack I proves those dudes were wrong ... there was a kitchen on the back of this boat!

simple ... yet PACKED with flavor~!

when you do your booking that time they would offer you 2 choices of meal -
a) Seafood or
b) Traditional Thai food
* I choose the Traditional one ... and I'd never regret a bit on it!

Looks small in portions? No ... I almost can't finish it~! ^^"

Vege & Prawns

this baby was yummY~ Steam Cooked Meat(not pork, not chicken, may be fish???) very nice ... sinful-licious~~~

Green Curry Fish Fillets? .. the curry was creamy and mildly spicy. Taste great and oMMphhh~~ on rice~!!!

really smells great and looks great ... nice fragrance from Lemon Grass

I'm feeling full ... but it was still plentiful as you can tell ...

have you ever eat some dessert and later keep smiling hysterically from those punchy awesome flavor and texture? I did~!!! Here~!!!

*Best piece of dessert shown here - the BEAN, look at it - it was simple but don't get deceived by it's LOOK. It MELTS in your mouth with an exotic flavor~!

* Second piece - The Baked Coconut Floss, it had 2 flavors~! 1st chew ... primary taste. Then, it sets in the secondary taste when you chew longer the end ...

* Lastly - the Star shape one ... special ...but not as special as the above 2 ...
* Pink Jelly - was kinda normal to me ...

....others were plain fruits ...

after those fancy treat .. let's give my mouth a break ... have a tea ya~

relax .. and watch some drama dance ...

A sweet lady who performing the traditional songs.
Why she keep smiling and keep her eyes on me ya? hehehehe ...hehe..

Happy me ^^ a great dinner for sure

tipping is not necessary but would be much appreciated ... I gave some tips to my tour guide.

Then, since the night was young ... I took myself a tour to the Adult district aka Red Light District (not to mention the street name) LoL...

about the massage girls - they were totally different breeds~! most of the massage girls around Bangkok were came from Nisan or other further regions of Thailand. Most of them were petite and some even have very fair skin ... but however they were no match to the breeds of modern city, those from Nisan where their face features lacks exotic and usually petite in size just hardly beats those city girls who looks like exotic models, at least their model faces of mix parentage.

Looking for pretty girls for massage? sorry... unless you are trying to find it at those Japanese/ Korean customers area but the fees were DARN HIGH~! Others massage parlor only have girls who are good at skill(yet I really doubt their skill). Usually GUYS can only look for skill and pretty faces by paying premiums or use effortless time to woo one in Bangkok city. Pretty Thai who have model face and body will never work in massage parlor! They only for Escort Service or those High End that I mentioned - at least 4,000Baht for an hour joy ride~!

For a normal chap and limited cash like me - no way I would pay the premium or woo a Thai girl in just a brief period. Unless the girl who made the signal 1st ... damn ... I shy away and my Thai language sucks - (Ma mi lai, mai mi dang kup - Thai)~!!!

OMG ... this was one of the biggest and grand hotel in Bangkok, much bigger than KL ones~!!!
look ... my wide angel camera was unable to accommodate it~!

finally, I end up here - a very healthy foot massage for my pair of hard working sticks kakaka~
this was an isolated shop within Suan Lum Bazaar, Lumpini.

while on my way home to guesthouse ...
OMG ... I forgotten that Saturday night was for Boxing show ... damn ... sigh... OK.~

happy feeding ya~ you usually can spot one or 2 elephant on tourist packed area ...

coOL ... lots of rats/rodents ... or Mickey Mouse would sounds better ^^ ..LOL

good nite ... 4th day ahead ~ be continue ...

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