Saturday, August 22, 2009

SLim Fit Spa is a HOAX? Breast ENhansement Scam?!

Damn ... who don't wants to look great~?! Everybody know that having a pair of torpedoes do turn HEADS UP!

But taking advantage of those fragile wishers are definitely a NO NO ...
Since I keep coming across this bloody ANNOYING ads every single days in most major NEWSPAPER. I think it is good to shed some light to the public or at least the concern individual who wish to know more.

Sorry ya~  ... I'm a bit tired to tell since it was damn late here but sure I bet you would be interested to hear some terrible SHOCKING truth from those who took the course before ...

 The testimonials that I found from a LOCAL FORUM
Another testimonial from a LOCAL BLOGGER


I think those swindlers might said - "..hey bitch, look ...  your boobs got size up even 1cm from swollen up/inflammation by our FORCEFUL PRESSING/MILKING massage. It would still consider effective and we did our job..."

Fu*K lahhh  ... I can do that for my gf lah ...

It is the same scenario to guys who are looking for the holy grail to make their COCK larger~!
But usually women will only get a chance of a lifetime to have their breast growing enormously on the Pregnancy phase~!

By d way, YUNNAN HAIR CARE also quiet the same - they can make your hair grow A LOT and THICK but can't warranty that it will last ... kakaka


nikki said...

Frankly I am happy with mine. Haha. They are not Ds...hmm...maybe not even Cs. But ah wells, I don't have to deal with backaches and the wrong kind of attention =D

Alpha Ace said...


babe ... you have no idea about man~ XD
actually men LUST for FULL B or C size only coz that was the PERFECT/IDEAL size!!!

It stays up WELL too even the bra is not there!
If the lady not wearing bra for that day only a some dark shirt or sweater or shows cleavage ... SHE would had KILLED many men on the street that day~ LoL


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