Thursday, August 20, 2009

G - Force Redifine???

Gravity Force?
Great Force?
Gigantic Force?
G Force 2009 by Disney?
Gay FOrce? ... LoL
Greed FoRce? ... very close ...
Give me by FORCE? .... almost there ...

an unrelated pic from Google which shares the same name ..kakaka ...

G Force can be redefine (in my own context)
- some dudes who can carry out or to lengthen some unnecessary projects so one can keep digging more money(our money)
*those Cheras roundabout took many years to complete, some days you would find only few workers there ...some days, no one there!!! huh... wtf~!

- this force usually can look for some simple level reasoning(12yrs old children reasoning or below) to convince you that - it is good to send some monkeys into space so they may earn some good name for the Mother Land and able to earn SOME COMMISSION(monkeys did earn commission too) as well.

- this force also can keep brain washing you and ask you to Shut The Fu*k Up - if you don't have any solid prove (if got the PROVES ya ... the FoRCE won't be around). The force might be stupid and usually G Force always assume the public are stupid but when the G Force think about PROVES, G Force is not that stupid ... kakaka... LoL

May God have mercy on G Force~ fu*k

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