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Truth from KL Taxi/Cabbies

Heard about over charges from unscrupulous taxi drivers all the time? Yes ... I got taste b4 ...

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What about if we can have some chat with them now, and listen to their accounts..

Do they ever Blog?
Do they have time to Blog?
Are most of them well educated?
Have you ever get friendly/frankly chat with them while taking a ride?

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Not all were bad evil taxi drivers. So ... here we go ...

In a recent hike of Taxi fare in Kuala Lumpur. They did told me something which is worth pondering about...

How they charge?
What they said?

Let's have a look...
Is the new Taxi charges a good implementation?
Now, once you get into the Taxi - the meter will start charging you at RM3 and for a short distance of 3km you can easily sees it jump to RM5.40 to RM6.30 for a short ride.

If you are TOURIST in Kuala Lumpur, they would charge you RM10~15 for a short distance ride within 2km radius. Even you wanted to go from Petaling Street to Bukit Bintang, they charge you RM10! From Maluri,Cheras to Bukit Bintang not even RM10! But that was already standard charges.

Taxi driver did told me that some local passengers would just stop half way in the midst of traffic jam, they just can't bear seeing and hearing the meter keep clicking tik ..tik...tik - heart attack lehhh.... They just pay and walk rather than stuck in the traffic.

It was not a good news to the local who takes taxi for their ride and it wasn't a good news to Taxi driver either since many people will try to minimize the taxi service usage.

By the way, MALAYSIA RINGGIT HAD SHRINKED!!! that would be my another story...

Ok, back to my story ...

I took the taxi few days ago. It was under my company expanses so I have no problem with it and I'm happy for those cabbies who took my service. I use to chat with them ... to my surprise no matter what race they were from - they keep cursing the G force. For most taxi drivers I encountered - they did share the same feelings and experiences - G force SUCKS!!!

They were sandwiched in between 2 blood/money suckers - the G force and the company.
Most taxi companies had controlled over taxi permits which means Taxi drivers have to pay for high premium of rental - RM50~70 per shift?
Public are difficult to attend a taxi permit when compares to 20 years ago.
Not less, Taxi drivers have to bear their own expenses on Fuel and Maintenance.
Do you know how many km they drove for every single day? 300km per day? What is the recommended service mileage? How much they have to pay per service? Time consuming?

This means if they can't make RM200 per shift, their pay would be definitely lower than your pay per day! How many hours do they have for just one shift? 12hrs? What if the time will be shorten by breaks time such like taking meals, brief stop to bathrooms and the most time consuming ritual - queuing up for NGV(Natural Gas Vehicles) refills.

One of the driver did shows me his contempt about the G force which keep assuring public with white lies. He said - '..anak saya pun pandai cakap, cisss ... cakap ni siapa tak tahu..' ( my son also know how to talk, cissss... who don't know how to just talk). This question arise when I ask him - So, did the G force set up many NVG station in these years?
You BET the answer....!

The driver said - fu*k lah ... Kuala Lumpur had the most taxis but hell the G force installed more NGV stations on SHah Alam? WTF!!!

Do you have any clue that how long you have to queue regardless of which KL NGV stations?

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Wasting our time!!! Time is money!!!
Taxi drivers complained not enough NGV stations and NGV users had increased dramatically. Not just other daily normal users but bus drivers and truck/lorry drivers too! Just imagine those numbers!
How long would a truck or bus driver to get their tank FULL?

Chances of Queue waiting in Kuala Lumpur area:
70% is 40~45 minutes
15% is 1 hour or more
15% is 25~30 mins(no shorter than this)
*if your tank is small, this means you need to queue few times a day

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G force had talk like some big mouth kids that they would greatly increase the NGV stations within 3 to 5 years time but that promise had been almost overdue d. Do these adults really keep their words?

Here is a reference about the situation and kindly refer to it's date -

How are they going to set and show good examples to younger generations or will they degrade their 'G Force' image?? My friends around the globe will definitely have some good laughing stocks by now ... LoL

Does Shah Alam has the highest number of taxis?
Is Shah Alam a tourist hotspot that KL can't beat?
Why most NGV stations sets up there?
or do they only grant certain approval or contracts to those Petronas operators they favor, favoritism?

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