Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sony A230 Personal Review

Since I'm using this Sony DSLR, it is my 2nd nature to test it when I got bump into one while shopping. When I got my hands on it - It was light weight and a bit smaller than usual DSLR(Digital Single Lens Reflex).

If you are familiar in using DSLR on any brands, you would surely curse it's INCONVENIENCE BUTTONS ~!

I definitely wouldn't like it when it comes to AF AREA FUNCTION .A usual operation where you can Manually choose your Local Focus Point ... but ...


it got damn annoying that you have to keep getting in to the MENU in order to choose the damn FOCUS  POINT and you have to Navigate it with the Left Right dial that I'm pressing here ....if you had stop pressing it for just 2secs.
The ANNOYING screen would prompt you with this message ... on below.

When you got your Local Focus Point set  ... you won't be able to set another desired one until you re-enter to the damn MENU again~!

Are those engineers purposely did this to all new SONY DSLR users or to force them to get a better model???

Not a clever idea at all.... Guess it might get new users to live with it but definitely not to the existing DSLR users~!

Guess these models(similar functions design) wouldn't be around that long, It would soon die out ... real fast~!!!

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