Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bangkok Trip 2008 - Day 4 Part 1

Hahaha... morning ya~
My morning wake up time had became more and more late ... geeee ... I was getting exhausted day by day. I should taken Red Bull or Livita ^^ LoL

This 2 shots were taken just outside the road of my Guesthouse. Affordable for short distance but I just don't fancy it. What I did then? .... just use my 2 meat sticks(walk) kakaka

Really nice day here ... really sunny and HOT~

My Guesthouse was just below and opposite lane of this Lumpini Tower. What a good landmark. ..

walk walk ... and walk ... yeAH~ finally, the Lumpini Park.
Hope I may snaps more Landscape then snapping candid on some local babes kakaka

Look at the Clock Tower - 10.40AM

keep snapping ...

this was something interesting to snap about and it had a story to tell. Thai King had invented it~! I snapped the details too ...

damn ... 2oo8 PnS series was way better than my current 2009 DSLR series ... shame ... what's wrong YA~???????

King Rama VI or IV ya??? can't really recall back ... LoL

it was a HOT HOT HOT day~! scorching ~!!!!

DO you think this wiring is CHAOTIC? ... till you see the Expert level ...and this is only the very amateur one!

Stewed Pork Rice .. was damn affordable and sinful-licious~! Just 45Baht

NIce view while having Lunch ya~ ^^

ROnald Mc'DOnald: Sawadee krup. Sabai di mai krup? (Hi hi, how are you?)
Me: Pu arai? mai mi dang liao ... mai sabai krup .. T_T (What are you saying? No money d ... not happy lahh.. )
Kakaka ... just kidding ...

I think she was the BTS transit staff - pretty(at least fit fit)~!! damn KL seldom can find one .. here you got A LOT!!!
shhhhhh .... don't tell anyone that I started stalking and candid again ... later my gf Sammi will pinch me kow kow luck leh ... LoL ^0^"

school day celebration kinda thing? ... i need a Thai friend to enlighten me on this leh ...

more candid and sampling ...

oMG ... freaking ... y am I freaking ya? sh*t .. I never ever seen a JEANS being worship and incense offered to a Jeans like this ... Is it after you wearing your COCK would grow in SIZE? LoL ... wat a dark jokes ... pardon me ya~

nice ah? I wanted to try too .. but just too many ladies lehhh ... shy shy lah... just candid will do lah ...

candid them while I sipping mine(cocoNUT) like that ...

friendly French who are willing to smile and let me snap ..~! rare respond!!!
... other wise she might ask her boys to punch my face kakakaka~

Hot HUNK Jap ^^ ... coOL ...he got a very stunning gf too but ...damn i missed the frame ...she was just too far right ... haizzzz...
kakaka very bad composition - FAILED! ~LoL~

I bet this one was either Malaysian or Singaporean ... how? Through their dressing and hair style .. also usually they stay as natural as they can. Hong Kong don't wear like this(they love brands). Japs love hats, Taiwanese and Korean love heavy make up. ... nvm ... I sounds too crappy, I just sense that she was either Malaysian or Sing lahh...

tall girl leh ... almost my gf's height kakaka

how could i miss this shot ... so I had it here lohhh

guess my PnS can perform better composition than her DSLR ..but my ISO n SHutter speed sUCKS!

cat or Leopard???

Little Pugs ^^ lovely zz..Z.z..zz..zZz....

so CUTE ^^"

家有贱狗(Naughty Dog)???

candid the dog? the sweetie? or both? kakaka ... you are rite ^^

have your mouth ever widely opened and saliva dropping while you sleep kakaka... ain't it CUTE~

Sammi last time had a dog like this White Fur ... and it did loves eating KFC @.@"

oH~ poor baby ... who shaved you like this ... this new hairstyle gave you a bad hair day lehhh

3 stooges?

or 3 officers?

related to the above PIC? ... mmm... no comment ...

a very helpful lady on my goods purchase, she was a Thai Chinese ..but too bad... she doesn't speak any Chinese dialects. Have you ever meet a French who don't are unable to speak French?

nice concept shop 'Communism' hehehe

who is that dude that holding the PnS there???

He: ... don't snap me you S Hole ... MCB~!(cantonese) ....

damn ... I got addicted to this Stewed Pork thing.... you gonna try one ...

in order to taste its' best - pick up 1/4 of the Egg + the Pork Skin and CHEW it with rice ...OMG~ yuMMY!!! the texture is killing ya~

fancy to be a mask man?

lucky me .... stumble upon a star lehhh ... who d model ya~?

a Hot HunK ^^

damn cheap ... and I had bought one ^^

not again ... cam-whoring again... kakaka LoL

for whoever who wish to experience the same thing in an Air Conditioning environment ... better get into this Plaza .... same bargain but the atmosphere was different from the outside one..

another sweet mix parentage lady MC ... Malaysia just don't have this in large number(rare) ...

looks like Johnny Depp? How many percents ya?

clean? I can say - really clean family gathering at his huge park ... psssst ... don't expect to see this clean if it is in Malaysia ya~~~ i triple bet you!!! kakaka LoL - Malaysia Boleh(Malaysia CAN do it)

this is KUT

about my evening time .... to be continue ... ^^
thanks for reading ya~


Shabnam Sultan said...

Amazing pics......... . Cool photo blog.

Alpha Ace said...

thanks for the visit n comment ya ^^

now the post had just completed.


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