Sunday, August 23, 2009

My test on H1N1 / Swine Flu - Personal Encounter

Actually I had FLU for few days d ...
Damn ... it was due to the abuse of using Air-Con  ...tell you lahhh, I just can't stand HOT~

I wouldn't even bother it when it accompanied with cough as well, yeAH~ some dry cough would make my voice less sissy  .... kakaka

WHen it strikes worse  ... ya, I mean today ... when I got a feeling of sudden contraction right side of my stomach (very brief - 8secs.) and I got some Diarrhea here early morning. Sh*t ... am I just got fcuk up by those nasty virus? Damn ... I had just blogged about it last nite ... damn ...

So, got myself to the hospital ...  by the way, ... just before that General Manager  (S'pore lady) just came to gave our shop a surprise visit. NO... we don't like this kind of surprise. She came with our Thai lady(higher management personnel). They were so friendly and wanted to SHAKE my hand even they saw all of us were wearing the facial mask! Hell NO ... I just told them that I can't shake their hands and I need to get myself to hospital ...NOW~!

It really did pump some phobia into them as I got the same shares of phobia on this sh*t as well.

I got to this Ampang Hospital @ Taman Muda. Once I'm there, I went to their registration counter which got some signage on the wall written "Fever Counter"
If you tell them, you did not have any fever in these few days - they would straightly send you off, NO TEST!
But hey~   I did got some tiny fever last 2 days ago and it disappears within hour. Sure, I would them in some convincing way k...

They gave me a blue color form ask me to proceed to the Testing Room
HuH~~~  surprisingly ... it was empty ... no crowd at all ~!!! (why all wanted to go to General Hospital KL??? they would complain of waiting for long queue 2 hours and jammed packed like sardine)
Guess no one ever got notice of this Ampang Hospital's existence.
The last patient before me was a nanny who was still inside the Doc's room.
They ask me to fill up the form and pay just RM1.oo !!! (damn cheap)  then ... I got this one, below ..


The beautiful lady Doc. did told me - If you got high fever which is more than 38 above and you got difficulty in breathing(lungs inflammation), flu and cough ... then your possibilities would be high.

She also said - sometime those normal virus travel to your intestines when you swallow those saliva, it caused you to Diarrhea and their active time was in the morning and  the evening time.

they took my blood pressure which shows Normal
Oxygen level = 99 which was Normal too
Body Temperature = 36.5 Normal


they gave me medicines ...but I just took the cough mixture instead of others coz it makes me feels good to sleep ..  LoL

 so.... I'm ok from this scary sh*t

So for all the local readers who wanted to a test and you would like to cut short your queue time, you may try to go to Ampang Hospital or any Hospital near to your place ... no need to go to those well known Hospitals for testing k ...


damn ... I'm feeling drowsy now  ... that fcuk mixture is setting in now ....
is time to visit Alice in the Wonderland ...  wondering is she playing some bunny rite now?~


nikki said...

I hope you're feeling better today? :)

Alpha Ace said...

@ Nikki ^^

Thanks ya~
I'm feeling a lot better 2day

Don't worry ya~
Yup ... actually I had heard from local that they said, New Zealand got employing foreigners to do the apple plucking kinda job. Is it true? Do you have any info about it?
May be Nikki you may show some insight about this apple plucking thing hehehe

Peace b with u n God Bless ya~

Nikki said...

Actually, New Zealand does have these kinda jobs. I've got friends that worked at mushrooms farms and kiwi farms before, so its possible. Though I'd have no idea how to get a job like that. I think its by an agency or word of mouth because I also know its a way of smuggling into New Zealand to obtain residency! Shhhh! Haha!


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