Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Complain & Addressing GOOD

Sometimes just recommending some good things or good hot spots for dinning might sounds to normal.
What about telling some places where you should be aware and what not to order.
For instance, last week I got a good tip off from my forum members about a camera shop which had been black listed. Too many had complained about their cut throat pricing and hell of bad service.

In fact, I had went into their shop in Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur and heard a few staffs saying - "... Mai CHao HAI~!!! dare management delay our commission again~!!!.."

then another said "... f**k i knew it, this not going to last us long here..."
Indeed, this scenario was very damaging to their damn shop.

I ask one of the management staff, then she said, "..oH. .. oh... oh... that ahhhhhh..... actually the company is expanding and short of cash is just a temporary situation ...waH~ your hearing was great aH~.."

the shop name is TA**TA, it had many outlets in Sg.Wang Plaza and Lowyat Plaza. They can charge you RM700 for a RM400 product. Selling counterfeit goods is understandable but with an exaggerate pricing is definitely a NO NO.

I'm in retail too, I would directly tell my customers - if you want a cheap, usually it is fake or very low in quality ... I don't mean good quality is superior either coz sometime it was base on our luck too but it would definitely saves you hell of troubles for keep coming back for fixing it.
Telling the truth is always the best. Make it simple, helping others is helping ourselves. Do not close sales just for the sake of closing sales. Close sales with their needs being met and satisfied.

Now, I would love taking some pics of those S HOLES dealers and business operators. I would gladly nail them here.... and let public know their crime ....

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