Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our Tapas @ Werner's

This is one cozy place that makes you feels really comfortable ^^
The best part was - the place is quiet ... I mean not many patrons there. If you like quiet and cozy restaurant like this, Werner's would be one of your choice then.

You may visit their site here - Werner's On Changkat

I came to know about this Bistro from a local magazine. I was attracted by their cuisine ^^

since, I had filled my stomach from the earlier part so I just wanted to order their Tapas(means appetizer in Spanish) only ^^

It was quite affordable since the flavor of those dishes were delicately prepared. The easiest way to find out the best Tapas is to ask for their helpful waiters/waitress for assistance. YeaH~ an assistance is necessary for me since they had over 40 different kind of Tapas~!!!

This is the Smoke Duck Slices serve with Strawberry Jam. I bet you would feel weird ... yes it was weirdly nice in taste and texture. A very adventurous dish to me ^^ I vote it 9/10

Ta da~~~ hahaha... nice lehhh~ oK - it cost RM18 per Tapas

for Sammi taste - she love the dish below - Spinach Prawn with Cream Cheese
OMG~! this dish was so sinful-licious to both of us.

The combination of Prawn + Spinach + Cheese Cream = strong taste bursting in your mouth~!!!
Just imagine that nice fragrance of steam prawn with a delicate spice flavor lingering in your mouth with a soft well cooked Spinach as texture, the cheese cream was a flavor booster here

omG~! damn... my mouth is watering while I'm typing this ...
still I would prefer the Smoke Duck for it's daring original creativeness

not bad for the below dish - recommended by waiter but just so so to my liking
Baked Cheese Beef in Bread ... a bit heavy on beef flavor side ...

get your best choices of seats - plz go upstairs ^^

some fine arts too ..

holy moly ... such a lovely fleshy pair of milk bags .. it did mesmerize me with that wine though ..LoL.. i love this art piece ^^

illusive art of Threesome .. hell, that was piece of **** yeAH~ baby~

very well evening, Sammi and I had really enjoy our stay here for a moment of indulgence.
chill out

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