Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vaccination can caused Autism/Neuropsychiatric? .. Tamiflu .. Conspiracy?

Look the earth is over populated.

If it this isn't true and this isn't really happening now, it's an absolute certainty that it will at some point.

Seriously, the planet is populated with 6.5 billion human beings. This number is growing exponentially. Most people don't understand exponential growth. If you don't, is good to Google it out.

We are running out of energy, food, water and just about every other essential resource you can think of. What better way for the elites to purge the world of the ignorant masses?

Here is why people don't take the vaccine

Caution on Tamiflu


Population COntrol - purge human race to 20%? ~!!!

Is this New World Order related???


nikki said...

I actually thought the same thing. I thought that the flu existed to balance out the good (in technology, medication and increase in health standards and lifestyle). I know this will make me sound like I think God is evil, but maybe I intend to mean that he is fair...

Alpha Ace said...

Kakaka... even though sometime we might thinks all bad things were came from Devil himself.
NO~! GOD permits it to happen. GOD has HIS plan! I do agreed, sometimes I did think GOD is evil too ... I'm not a fanatic here to God but I do follow HIS side. If HE wanted me to do purging job, I will do it too!

Just now, I just saw the ugly side of people and it was a lot out there. Guess it is the time ....

Ashlinn11 said...

its horrible that they are giving meds that could kill people. And to think that i will be a nurse(hopefully), i'll feel miserable giving those medication. Mankind has no right to do this... Only God.

Aree said...

Hi thanks for the added, nice video

Alpha Ace said...

that is y sometime some psycho leaders wanted to act GOD~!
what? ...they got a prophecy kinda shit? oH ..come on .. i know Bible too.
Revelation did said - many fake teachers will arise and even the elected ones would be deceived.
There is no more miracles shown until His return.

Purging is just a cover story for worldwide domination.


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