Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day Out with Joel & Irene

This was our breakfast  ^^  nice porridge with golden fritter, preserved egg, fried pig intestine and some pig liver  kakaka~ 

after a great bout of PS2 game with Joel - G.I. Joe
we head on to fetch his precious gf , Irene  ^^
fast forward >>
went to 1 Utama shopping mall ...
and I did candid on them   hehehe~


where is this place ???


it was inside the mall ~! 

29th August - Just Walk n Snaps ^^

Just bring my SOny A300 + 50mm f1.8 out  ^^  .. just hand held but need to bump up the ISO800~1600

this one not that sharp ... actually not many were pin sharp .... kakaka

the 'lepak culture' means loitering culture ... sigh...

Sony A230 Personal Review

Since I'm using this Sony DSLR, it is my 2nd nature to test it when I got bump into one while shopping. When I got my hands on it - It was light weight and a bit smaller than usual DSLR(Digital Single Lens Reflex).

If you are familiar in using DSLR on any brands, you would surely curse it's INCONVENIENCE BUTTONS ~!

I definitely wouldn't like it when it comes to AF AREA FUNCTION .A usual operation where you can Manually choose your Local Focus Point ... but ...


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Snatch Theft .. it just happened infront of me ~!!!

It happened so fast ..~! I heard someone blowing the whistle from behind and shouting, then some pedestrians were pushed~!  I saw the chase .. and some people also follow the chase as well. woW~! my camera was there too ...why not pursuing it as well   kakaka ...

Location: Infront of MayBank, Bukit Bintang Plaza (KL Golden Triangle area)
Time: 7:50pm 
Suspected theft items: shirts ... wtf????

Shit ... no time for me to do the setting, just turn it to P mode lahhh~
(luckily I had set the Aperture to f2 earlier, I just set the ISO1600 +0.7EV and turn to P mode- NO FLASH)


beats that S hole~?!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

GOing to Melaka - Eat Eat lehhh~ ^^

  early morning ... going to where ya?  ..Melaka lohhh~  

once I reached Pudu Raya Bus Station ... I start looking for my breakfast  ^^


it was too early here ... but still this stall manage to secure some morning niche ya~

 sure lahhh ... just look at d neighbours kakaka...~ they were still sleeping



just order a Wanton Dry Noodle with Roast Pork(云吞面烧肉干捞) will do lah~
Actually it would taste much better when compare to BBQ Pork (my taste)  LoL


not bad ... really crispy and crunchy Roast Pork ... what would I do next?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bangkok Trip 2008 - Day 5 - Final Part

oK  ^^"  this would be my last day here in Bangkok for this trip. What I do for this short remaining few hours of time???

I went to the Paramount Mall and experience their cinema there ..LoL..
It wasn't cheap when compare to Malaysia(RM10). It did gave the  Gold Class feels but It wasn't Gold Class and it cost me 160Baht. The movie I watched that time was - Sex and The City but ...damn ...I was unable to finish it due to my flight schedule.

Waiting for bus was definitely a let down .. and you can't rely on it coz it would definitely drag YOUR TIME!!!  So, the best bet would be TAXI  ^^  It was reasonable not exaggerated the rate = 500Baht

If you take Taxi from Kuala Lumpur to KLIA it would easily cost you RM100~120. You better take the Express Transit(train) at KL Central which only cost RM30.

 some pics along the highway



...while at the Departure Hall ....
@#$&%^**   ..  some dudes who don't speak Thais and barely speak English was wasting our time on the damn queue. That Mr.Smart S should look for help ... should look for a Chinese who can help him out....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My test on H1N1 / Swine Flu - Personal Encounter

Actually I had FLU for few days d ...
Damn ... it was due to the abuse of using Air-Con  ...tell you lahhh, I just can't stand HOT~

I wouldn't even bother it when it accompanied with cough as well, yeAH~ some dry cough would make my voice less sissy  .... kakaka

WHen it strikes worse  ... ya, I mean today ... when I got a feeling of sudden contraction right side of my stomach (very brief - 8secs.) and I got some Diarrhea here early morning. Sh*t ... am I just got fcuk up by those nasty virus? Damn ... I had just blogged about it last nite ... damn ...

So, got myself to the hospital ...  by the way, ... just before that General Manager  (S'pore lady) just came to gave our shop a surprise visit. NO... we don't like this kind of surprise. She came with our Thai lady(higher management personnel). They were so friendly and wanted to SHAKE my hand even they saw all of us were wearing the facial mask! Hell NO ... I just told them that I can't shake their hands and I need to get myself to hospital ...NOW~!

It really did pump some phobia into them as I got the same shares of phobia on this sh*t as well.

I got to this Ampang Hospital @ Taman Muda. Once I'm there, I went to their registration counter which got some signage on the wall written "Fever Counter"
If you tell them, you did not have any fever in these few days - they would straightly send you off, NO TEST!
But hey~   I did got some tiny fever last 2 days ago and it disappears within hour. Sure, I would them in some convincing way k...

They gave me a blue color form ask me to proceed to the Testing Room
HuH~~~  surprisingly ... it was empty ... no crowd at all ~!!! (why all wanted to go to General Hospital KL??? they would complain of waiting for long queue 2 hours and jammed packed like sardine)
Guess no one ever got notice of this Ampang Hospital's existence.
The last patient before me was a nanny who was still inside the Doc's room.
They ask me to fill up the form and pay just RM1.oo !!! (damn cheap)  then ... I got this one, below ..


The beautiful lady Doc. did told me - If you got high fever which is more than 38 above and you got difficulty in breathing(lungs inflammation), flu and cough ... then your possibilities would be high.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

SLim Fit Spa is a HOAX? Breast ENhansement Scam?!

Damn ... who don't wants to look great~?! Everybody know that having a pair of torpedoes do turn HEADS UP!

But taking advantage of those fragile wishers are definitely a NO NO ...
Since I keep coming across this bloody ANNOYING ads every single days in most major NEWSPAPER. I think it is good to shed some light to the public or at least the concern individual who wish to know more.

Sorry ya~  ... I'm a bit tired to tell since it was damn late here but sure I bet you would be interested to hear some terrible SHOCKING truth from those who took the course before ...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Vaccination can caused Autism/Neuropsychiatric? .. Tamiflu .. Conspiracy?

Look the earth is over populated.

If it this isn't true and this isn't really happening now, it's an absolute certainty that it will at some point.

Seriously, the planet is populated with 6.5 billion human beings. This number is growing exponentially. Most people don't understand exponential growth. If you don't, is good to Google it out.

We are running out of energy, food, water and just about every other essential resource you can think of. What better way for the elites to purge the world of the ignorant masses?

Here is why people don't take the vaccine

Caution on Tamiflu


Population COntrol - purge human race to 20%? ~!!!

Is this New World Order related???

Truth from KL Taxi/Cabbies

Heard about over charges from unscrupulous taxi drivers all the time? Yes ... I got taste b4 ...

a pic from Google image library

What about if we can have some chat with them now, and listen to their accounts..

Do they ever Blog?
Do they have time to Blog?
Are most of them well educated?
Have you ever get friendly/frankly chat with them while taking a ride?

a pic from Google image library

Not all were bad evil taxi drivers. So ... here we go ...

In a recent hike of Taxi fare in Kuala Lumpur. They did told me something which is worth pondering about...

How they charge?
What they said?

Let's have a look...
Is the new Taxi charges a good implementation?
Now, once you get into the Taxi - the meter will start charging you at RM3 and for a short distance of 3km you can easily sees it jump to RM5.40 to RM6.30 for a short ride.

If you are TOURIST in Kuala Lumpur, they would charge you RM10~15 for a short distance ride within 2km radius. Even you wanted to go from Petaling Street to Bukit Bintang, they charge you RM10! From Maluri,Cheras to Bukit Bintang not even RM10! But that was already standard charges.

Taxi driver did told me that some local passengers would just stop half way in the midst of traffic jam, they just can't bear seeing and hearing the meter keep clicking tik ..tik...tik - heart attack lehhh.... They just pay and walk rather than stuck in the traffic.

Who are These G - String Rapists ???

Just like the father raping the helpless child~!
The children, they are forbid to tell!!!

They were threaten to Lock-Up! ..No money, no food and will be beaten up badly or even got killed in order to silence them.

You can't inform others bloggers, just like you can't tell your siblings. Your mother (other authority) was unable to offer help! Neighbors (foreign), they can't interfere. In more worst scenarios and usually it did happens, your mother or other siblings just witness the rape infront of their very own eyes with tears and hatred.

Only God will incurred the wrath but that would be reserved till Judgment Day. Will it be 2012? May God speed ... now the H1N1 is creeping in fast ....

G - Force Redifine???

Gravity Force?
Great Force?
Gigantic Force?
G Force 2009 by Disney?
Gay FOrce? ... LoL
Greed FoRce? ... very close ...
Give me by FORCE? .... almost there ...

an unrelated pic from Google which shares the same name ..kakaka ...

G Force can be redefine (in my own context)
- some dudes who can carry out or to lengthen some unnecessary projects so one can keep digging more money(our money)
*those Cheras roundabout took many years to complete, some days you would find only few workers there ...some days, no one there!!! huh... wtf~!

Set Blogger Page Default Language

When every time I try to login to my blog at this Blogger HOmepage, it shows me some funny characters such like below and I know it was Korean words.

WTF with Google's smart brains or robots ... huh ...

Bloody login page that some of you may encounter ..

to solve it permanently, go to as shown below

is ok that you have no clue what you are seeing until it turns back to your language... MCCB(Mah Chiu Chi Bai -Cantonese) ....

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bangkok Trip 2008 - Day 4 Part 2

I had no idea but I really fond on visiting this Chatuchak market even though I had visited once and it was very very time consuming.

I donno ... may be ... I believed that there are still areas there that I had yet to explore.

Ok ... lets continue my candid stalking ya ..kakaka

Thais with Korean/Jap trend of hairstyle ... coOL~ Guess they did this practice just like Malaysian and Singaporean did as well. Hey ... Thais were very fashion conscious lehhh..

Take a shower and let's my journey continue ya~
a nite view from the bridge .. just outside the guesthouse area - main road

Back to Suam Lum Bazaar.
woW~ I hadn't notice this on my previous visit. It's a huge food court where they got a live show. Never mind ... I won't be sitting down there and make myself looks lonely >.<"
the fake grand entrance again...

very nice Tuk Tuk .. but my PnS unable to perform well here..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bangkok Trip 2008 - Day 4 Part 1

Hahaha... morning ya~
My morning wake up time had became more and more late ... geeee ... I was getting exhausted day by day. I should taken Red Bull or Livita ^^ LoL

This 2 shots were taken just outside the road of my Guesthouse. Affordable for short distance but I just don't fancy it. What I did then? .... just use my 2 meat sticks(walk) kakaka

Really nice day here ... really sunny and HOT~

My Guesthouse was just below and opposite lane of this Lumpini Tower. What a good landmark. ..

walk walk ... and walk ... yeAH~ finally, the Lumpini Park.
Hope I may snaps more Landscape then snapping candid on some local babes kakaka

Look at the Clock Tower - 10.40AM

keep snapping ...

Rape and Masacre in Indonesia???

I came across this article:

Accounts of Gang Rape of Chinese Women Emerge from Jakarta Riots
Andreas Harsono
American Reporter Correspondent
Jakarta, Indonesia
JAKARTA – Gruesome tales of brutal sexual and racist violence in
Indonesia have slowly begun to emerge here as social workers and human
rights advocates learn more of an organized campaign of assaults, gang
rapes and killings of ethnic Chinese women during three days of rioting in
Jakarta last month.
Indonesian media only reported the violence – initially only rumored on the
Internet and among the small Chinese community in Jakarta – after scores
of social workers, feminists and Chinese figures had announced the setting
up of a crisis center to help the victims.
“Tell me, what kind of human beings are evil enough to rape a 12-year-old
girl in front of her helpless parents?” asked Ita F. Nadia, the chairwoman of
Kalyanamitra, a women's group which opened a telephone hotline for the
“They're incredibly cruel and brutal,” said Nadia.
The establishment of the center, named the Solidaritas Nusa Bangsa or the
Solidarity of the Nation State, was announced in a meeting on June 5 in
Jakarta, during which Catholic priest Sandyawan Sumardi estimated that
dozens of Chinese women had died or committed suicide because of the
violence on May 14-16.
Sandyawan, who is known because of his work among Jakarta's underclass
and has organized an investigation into the attack, said that the
anti-Chinese attack had shown .... for more pls read HERE

(to enlarge the photo - press CTRL button and + button)

They wreck havoc in their country and now here...

Women's Man - Cock in Favor, the Myth

I heard a drama from our local FM - 98.8FM, a Chinese FM.

The story was complicated but in real life it did happens, and it often happens.
The story was about a MR Nice guy who had 2 cousins and he ended up being the father of both cousins children.

How on earth women who are willing to share a husband or man? Yes, it does. Just you don't know ... Probably you would know too but do you want to know a bit in depth?

Some cases where the guy was a pimp to the same 3 sisters who can live under one roof.
What about a man who can sleep with the girl's sisters and all her beautiful cousins or even their attractive mother? This kind of man is usually high in ego, smart, well loaded with cash or able to climb fast in corporate, high EQ, caring & attentive listener(best weapon), usually they got great moves, striking eye contacts .... guess it can sum up to this name - Pick-Up Artist~!

Damn ... my sharing would getting more direct and offensive ..
but telling some truth is like that ...LoL..

A well known Acupuncture in Malaysia?

Usually when you got the difficulty of moving, spasm, jerking, frequent seizure, sprain, numb on the back, back pain .. etc. You would go for Zhong Yi Tit Da (中医铁打)or Acupuncture/Zhen Jiu (针灸).

1st Malay Acupuncturist in Malaysia:
Acupuncture and Alternative Treatment

Acupuncture Cerebral Palsy Miracle Cure Malaysia

Fighting Myoclonic Epilepsy

Myoclonic Epilepsy?
Since I'm not a doctor I explain it in my own context which simply means - Nerve system(spinal cord) problem which caused Seizure and Epilepsy.

I keep digging Google for the facts that what causes this to happen and I found the some facts about it -
Myoclonic Epilepsy and a supporting facts from a Forum

After reading all those lengthy facts - it boils down to few things which can improve the case -
1) accept the fact that it was like that
2) be positive and be happy, watch more funny movies or read jokes, brain will release Endorphine which would relax muscles and strengthen Immune System
3) do Physiotherapy and light exercise so the muscles would be strengthen

Lastly and the best of all - Acupuncture

All are meant to lessen the dreaded symptom and to improves one condition, better still to eliminate the said disorder.

The one who suffer most is not the patients themselves but the person who took great care the patient...

God bless and peace~

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Complain & Addressing GOOD

Sometimes just recommending some good things or good hot spots for dinning might sounds to normal.
What about telling some places where you should be aware and what not to order.
For instance, last week I got a good tip off from my forum members about a camera shop which had been black listed. Too many had complained about their cut throat pricing and hell of bad service.

In fact, I had went into their shop in Sungei Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur and heard a few staffs saying - "... Mai CHao HAI~!!! dare management delay our commission again~!!!.."

then another said "... f**k i knew it, this not going to last us long here..."
Indeed, this scenario was very damaging to their damn shop.

I ask one of the management staff, then she said, "..oH. .. oh... oh... that ahhhhhh..... actually the company is expanding and short of cash is just a temporary situation ...waH~ your hearing was great aH~.."

the shop name is TA**TA, it had many outlets in Sg.Wang Plaza and Lowyat Plaza. They can charge you RM700 for a RM400 product. Selling counterfeit goods is understandable but with an exaggerate pricing is definitely a NO NO.

I'm in retail too, I would directly tell my customers - if you want a cheap, usually it is fake or very low in quality ... I don't mean good quality is superior either coz sometime it was base on our luck too but it would definitely saves you hell of troubles for keep coming back for fixing it.
Telling the truth is always the best. Make it simple, helping others is helping ourselves. Do not close sales just for the sake of closing sales. Close sales with their needs being met and satisfied.

Now, I would love taking some pics of those S HOLES dealers and business operators. I would gladly nail them here.... and let public know their crime ....

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hiroshima & Nagasaki Nuking/Bombing is a 'Karma'

I read the newspaper 2day ... an article was about this shit - Nuclear weapon and the tragedy of Hiroshima & Nagasaki ... tragedy? really? They also said American had committed war crime??? really??? ... i think the Yankies had did a great job as being a justice executor for those freaking Japs army. How would I justify it ? ... read on ...

marvelous power of wrath from God above ... He would destroy it as like Sodom and Gomorrah as stated in the Bible.

yeaH~ the generations and all over the world would know the ugly side of wars ... but why and who starts it?

why Japanese and Nazis commits crime like those below?

It was all about Nanking/Nanjing on the below:

Click here for more about RAPE OF NANKING

They came, they see, they conquer, they rape, they kill ... and they LOVE doing it~!!!
Ma CCB ... ka ni niah Loh Bak Tau ( Hokkien + Canto)

they Love killing kids ... babies ... still they got developed a special stunt where they throw up the baby and use the gun with knife to stab the baby ... the more stylish and louder the baby cries ... the better of satisfaction ... damn ... where is that pic ... I failed to Google it out.

a newspaper article that shows 2 Japs who did a competition on chopping off MOST HEADS~!!!
what a freaking sport ... any military around the world still practice this sport?


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