Monday, July 27, 2009

..neXt Stop - Island Cafe

Here we are ... at Island Cafe. Guess this whole lim teh(drink tea in Hokkien) session was solely for my nite portrait work-out.

Bing Bing & Yes Yes: ...snap us 1st ...snap us 1st ^^
Ok ... but the result not really favorable lehhhh... my flash skill sucks...
damn ... need to brush up more...

This one still not that good ... should use the bounce card ... result still harsh and uneven ...

Haizzz ... better order some drink 1st ... si beh du lin (Hokkien)

ok OKkkk .... pretending like those Jap cutie style ya~

Aiyo~yo~~ Bing ... what are you trying to pimp ya?

Guess I need to get rid of that flash and start using 50mm 1.8 lens and boost it too ISO1600..
damn... I forgot to switch it to AWB mode ... it was still in Daylight WB mode..

now the result is better with 50mm lens at f1.8(Aperture Priority) / ISO1600
wei~~~ Bing ... are got shock by seeing ghost???
Guess I'm d one who shocked ~!!! ... just look at your face X_X"

not that bad lah... even got a bit of motion blurrrr... but I love the color ^^

waH~~! what you'd won that makes you so happy? ... or just simply enjoy witnessing Ken lost in that Kitchen games????

Joel was almost bored to death ... poor guy ...

... Steven was watching on how Ken would able to master that cooking game ...

everybody seems to be attracted to that game ... while I keep snapping n snapping..

Bing: NAHHH~! ..go ahead n snap me ...kakaka

Bing: how about this witty post ya?

This was that cooking game, I 1st got to know this game when the time I took my flight to Bangkok last year. The 2 cutie Thais were playing it and I was just sit next to them ~!

Snap something else ...

Good take ya~

...the end...

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