Monday, October 10, 2011

$700,000,000,000 is Nothing~!

Learning economy will help your trading tremendously but I would prefer it the fun and easy way - by watching graphics and has someone explain it to me  LoL~

I HATE reading formula based textbook~!

Hence, I wanted to share this clip ....


Money itself is not evil but the mind of GREED.

Funny Truth: How Markets Really Work

COme on, let's have some laughter on this one....

That was the sentiment and public mentality ....

Trader on Bloomberg says markets are MANIPULATED and volumes 'FICTITIOUS''.

This video was quite a daring one or perhaps America was so free to swing some hard punches on this kind of subject. 

Enjoy this video and more to come ....

Friday, October 7, 2011

Free Forex Ebooks/ Trading Ebooks

God has shown me love and gave me knowledge. However, I had less wisdom in digesting and applying what I am learning.

Since all these are free. Hence, I also would love to share it to all of you who are passionate to learn about true trading - Global Macro and Order Flow Trading. 

Indicators and Moving Average is not going to help you but to deceive you!
Study on what really moves your indicators and what really moves the price action. The precious information that never exist in the chart. The wisdom of world best traders that will show you their wisdom and experiences in trading world.

May you benefit on it and share this to others with love.

Inside The House of Money

More Money Than God

Do click SLOW DOWNLOAD or FREE DOWNLOAD and wait for timer countdown to download it, it might also require you to type in some security phrases. 

Enjoy the ebooks, happy trading and God bless~


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