Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cook My Own Lunch ^^

Very easy to do it!

----> get the Lap Cheong(腊肠/ chinese sausage).
boil the water, add a bit of salt(half tea spoon) and dump the Lap Cheong in.
leave it in the hot water for 10 mins. Then take it out and soak it with warm water.
Now, you should be able to peel of the skin and slice it to pieces.

get a red onion, a big one and slice it off to pieces

get 2 eggs(large size) and stir it until bubbles turn up


use the pan and don't use wok
heat up the pan and oil
put the scrambled eggs into the pan 1st, then only put it Lap Cheong and onion (either one 1st)
level down the fire to Low as your egg will cook nicely.

Check the egg skin below if it is golden color. If yes, turn it over but carefully.
When both side were in golden color. Switch off the gas.
Pick it up and serve   ^__^

yummy .. yummy .. all done with the rice cooked in just 25mins !

great taste starts at home~  now add some soy sauce to the eggs and voila~!! My yummy lunch.


daidai bel said...

Yummy i love onion egg haha

Kimberly said...

wow. cooking tutorial wor xD

true, got to use low fire to cook the eggs so the protein won't "cook off" LOL

Nice photography too =)

Take care!

Mickey Mouse said...

look delicious..yummy

Isley Chang said...

^^ how about other dishes? you can full with omelet with lap cheong only?

Kelvin said...

The raw egg looks delicious the way u took it lol XD

Alpha Ace said...

thanks to all ^__^

i can cook a few more dishes too.. such like Chili Crab, Ginger Chicken, Deep Fry Prawn with Salted Egg, Taufu with Fried Onion topping and many more ...

For the photos, i used natural light and that the key. Tilting angle will actually creates impact. It will be best when using shallow depth of field focus such like using 50mm f/1.8 lens for the smooth creamy bokeh.

Sometime when we snap such pics, we may choose to frame it well with the whole thing or frame it partially, it depends how you feel at that composition.

Color and contrast wise ....we can set it well in camera Picture Style setting to create the color and exposure we want, just like tuning a TV set for best color and contrast ^__^

Hope it helps and thanks for visiting ya~

**~Pu-3~** said...

Dude you make me hungry. Im going to make my breakfast now also lah. ;D

Btw, nice photos.

Alpha Ace said...

@ ~Pu3~ ..
have a nice breakfast ya ^^

Ken said...

Ur photos are vividly done!

Btw, u're making me hungry again although Ive just finished my dinner.

Alpha Ace said...

@ Ken ..

hehehe ... paiseh
guess i will update a new post 2nite.

zzkang said...

yummy yummy...remind me of what i did in vienna... :D

Alpha Ace said...

@ zzkang ..

wah ...vienna lehhh~ such exotic destination ya ;p

Edwin T said...

wow bro! so pandai cooking? i wanna have a share too! :p

Alpha Ace said...

@ Edwin T ..

can, no problem ..but don know when lah


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