Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vacation at Perth - Day 1

Hi friends and readers  ^__^
It is great that I can start to blog again here. However to cut short on my craps, all I can say that my vacation was not truly a blissful one. And here is how it goes.

1) most of the time you will find that their itinerary was not according to what they had well advertised.
2) you will spend most of the time inside the coach/bus
3) the food they provided or the restaurant they recommended were usually SUCKS , just like those tourists who come to our country and brought to those lame restaurant which was not even heard of.
4) most attractions/places you gonna visit will have a time limit of 25mins (usually) and very few places will give you 1 hour . That was the biggest drawback and that's why people prefers to backpack with a GPS set in hand.
*Here is the usual practical breakdown of time:
- 5mins to toilet
- 5mins walk from one point to another point for photo shots
- 5mins walk back to coach
- 10mins left for you
but the actual scenario will be usually more sucks than that....

Well, my tour group fits it all and this would be the 1st and the LAST time. The tour agency name is GTT - GOLDEN TOURWORL TRAVEL Sdn Bhd
Will tell you why it sucks on my coming soon - SPECIAL REPORT~!

Never mind, lets have a look on how things get this whole trip.

Our group got 20 persons in total. Well, the morning just didn't seem to be a good start to me  ...LoL~

How is this shot? I snapped it up when I felt boring while waiting for boarding.

a perspective shot here ...

the MAS serving from the local catering was not bad ... at least better than their Australian counter part which was far inferior to say. Look, our desert got a nice flavor packed Mini Magnum Ice Cream~

she was enjoy having her ice cream, the ice cream was some how SOLID and was a bit different from what we can purchase from the usual kiosks or shops.

not least that we got Ferrero Rocher choc balls too  ^__^

mate, you are not gonna mess with the Australian Customs. They were mean and very strict, be mindful not to carry any edible things. If you got some vitamins or medicine, you better declare it and prepare your lines to answer their mouthful questions that gonna bombard you.

Also never ever try to snap their government buildings. They gonna interrogate you or they might suspect you as a TERRORIST, yes you heard me.

This girl called Nicole. She was the tour leader of this trip.

This friendly Ang Moh here was called Vawn. He was the driver and the tour guide for this trip but unfortunately me and my members were not following their coach after the 1st day. We will be on our own joining the assigned coach on the other following days.

Perth was a quiet beautiful city. The architecture and buildings were nice and clean. Most Asian had resided here. You may find Vietnamese, Chinese, Singaporeans, Malays, Indians, Thais, Banglas and many others in large numbers at the heart of Perth. Not like Kuala Lumpur, you only mostly found Malays, Chinese, Indians, Indons and Myammars in majority.

The beauty of living in Perth despite of high taxes being imposed to their citizens was their wide choices of vehicles. From Mazda to Ford, from Benz to Porsche those were far affordable than Malaysia and it was Free of Road Tax  and Free of ToLLs a truly people rules there. Mostly their choice of vehicles were those 3.0l or above ...some even prefer V6 engines . Their petrol prices were all different, so you need to shop for it and they got a website just to do that. Does it sounds like a Stock Trading to you?

This little cutie here was from mix parentage. Her mom was Chinese and her dad was a French but I just wonder that where was her dad anyway .... She was with us in this trip but guess I just gonna see her for that day ....

a short break  ....  this subject was not so bad after all...

kinda lame restaurant by Hongkies  ... we were not well informed and got slaughtered by our tour leader and this scum of restaurant. Guess they did it in purpose, it was understandable since I'm was from sales line as well. If she had informed me, guess I had well spent my AUS60.00 for some decent meals around that street. Sammi and I had found out that this FooKing restaurant was actually 2 blocks down the street from our hotel~!!! Well, just down the street from our hotel, it has more than 50+ restaurants ~!!!!!  .... but that was after we had checked into hotel and came out for some walk.

the faces before being slaughtered by tour agency + restaurant ~!!!

this was William Street just a block outside our All Seasons Hotel. Yes, along this street there were bunch of restaurants ...geeeee... I had lost count of it. I found many restaurants here also selling - Bak Kut Teh, Roti Canai, Asam Laksa, Wantan Mee, Ice Cendol, Nasi Ayam Paprik, Hor Fun, Curry Mee and many many familiar names. Guess how much they sell for 2 pieces of ROti Canai?? In Malaysia it sell for Rm2.00 or max. Rm3.00 but in Australia they sell it for AUD8.00/ 2 pieces. You can actually have their delicious Large size DOMINO PIZZA for only AUD11.90, just another 4.00 dollars add from there!!!


Photobucket be continue....


TOLANIC said...

Nice tip to Perth! And nice pictures too!

Kelvin said...

Haha, welcome back XD

Ken said...

Interesting post!
I bet nowadays younger generations prefer backpack rather than tour group.

The scariest thing is there are groups of oldies and young crying kiddos~ *faint*

Alpha Ace said...

ya.... that's true =.="

Shuwen said...

woah ! I didn't know MAS offers ice cream, somemore got chocolate ! haha

chenlin said...

u all jus given 5mins of photo shots??? Too

Kath(MFS) said...

Wonderful pics to grasp the experience you had! Maybe try Canada sometime.. Beautiful country, friendly people.. lol

Just passing thru VIA MFS-Blogger Gallery! Site is active and current! Awesome! Keep it up!

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