Thursday, February 18, 2010

True But Sad - Malaysia SUCKS?!!!

I bumped into this forum which say something insightful about Malaysia and lets have a look on how
sucks our Malaysia can be.....

*the article below was from this site - Expat's Opinion(link)  ...and other Google's resources...

Hi what do you expect from a third world country like Malaysia?

Most have a policy (like Thailand) of "f off foreigners just leave you cash and go"

Its called pride. "Doing it all ourselves"

Malaysia even tried to build its own car industry and came up with the "National Joke" Proton. That's pride gone mad. Thais build cars but other people designs and brands so they bring in jobs but don't make fooks of themselves. But they have more self-pride as never colonized

As for job hunting though you know how it is. No serious job is given "at random" to those that apply

Order in which "senior" or good jobs given too

- directors children
- royal family
- ministers families
- children/in-laws of Tan Sris
- children/in-laws of directors of other companies
- children/in-laws of Datuks

etc etc.....

Even lower jobs
are given not on merit. Secretarial jobs are given to wives of managers/directors. Usulaly they come in for 2 hours a day to strut around and shout and "lower people"

Malaysisa is a feudal society which until relatively recently was all Kampungs with the local tribal leaders and a hierarchy going up to the Sultan.

After all these VIP's are given "good" jobs whats left for bright locals without connections? not much!

And for exapats? get real

There are lots of the big consultancies around as half of the above are retards so a westerner/singaporean/asian expat has to be employed as a consultant to help them do their jobs

example is YTL. Met one of the owners son on some business discussion (I had some contacts). He cant take a piss without his Matt Sallehs consultants say so! prob has to hold it for him

Malaysia will not become a more productive society until merit becomes more important than connections!

another .....

Read an interesting book while back here on holiday - written by a Malay but very critical of Islam and Malaysia. Many of his points I do agree with especially how in "
failed states" work is considered a low thing. That really sums up Malaysian work practices. Work (hard) is considered a low thing. That is very feudal

That is why the likes of Petronas (critical businesses) has to employ expats as locals afraid of hard work (well the high ones are as its "a low thing"). expats are more productive as we have the "protestant work ethic". The higher you are (especially Malays) the less work you "should do". status = less work!

. * click this article above to get a bigger version - a very insightful observation indeed!!!
is this how they run their company? Is local HR department simply employs staffs just for the sake of hitting quotas, case close and job done? Why they employs whole big bunch of monkeys??? Is Malaysia full of monkeys? You bet....
This country was a tropical country after all
and here is my favorite monkey pic

Welcome to Malaysia
nothing much in Malaysia for you; my beloved tourist and Expats
just - Pulau Pinang, the food paradise
Melaka, the UNESCO Heritage site
Genting Highlands, the casino on  chilling hill top
Kota Kinabalu, the Mount Kinabalu
...and some islands
...other than these .... you gonna dig it yourself d....


kenwooi said...

well.. this is malaysia what.. well-known for such issues.. =)

Alpha Ace said...

hehehe ... that is why, hopefully more foreigners will learn about this.

Actually, it was well practiced around the world but our bunch seems to be don't work things out.

China was in that too ...but they did things well themselves. They got advance n enhance their technology even though some technique were borrowed.

When compare apple to apple their Shenzen were far advance than Kuala Lumpur when we compare with both history. Geeee... Kuala Lumpur even getting slower and slower....Shame.. it even beats Putrajaya ...
How to match with Shanghai or Beijing then??? lag far far far behind d ...

they only got more open during 70's...but development were super fast making Malaysia looks like a snail...

kusut said...

i wouldnt worry about these kinds of articles too much (not that i dont worry at all). it is an opinion of someone brought up in a different environment, it would be hard to accept another's way of life.

to have been living abroad for over two years now, living in malaysia would be my first choice anytime. period. sure malaysia is.. 'like that'.. but living here is different and annoying and confusing. maybe if i put up with it for 10 years then i might change my mind.

so an opinion of a person brought up in a different environment is almost always very bad. yes, sad but true

Karen said...

that's why we have brain drain too.

Anonymous said...

You all can fuck off to china whenever you want. We do not want to be like fucking china, hong kong, taiwan, singapore or what have you and the funny thing is neither do you.

Anonymous said...

Go to hell with your article...


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