Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Closer Look on Malaysia - An After Meal Laughing Stock~

This was one of the finest and creative guy ... but the G-Force was damn FuCKing pissed off with this producer cum singer/actor and his songs ...

It had a nice clear version but it didn't had an English translation as below.
Enjoy and may you understand us better and may you have a GOOD LAUGH at it ^^

With English SUB TITLE

..under his name has created many related video clips in YouTube kakaka~
*this place was really harmony, colorful and lovely ..until some stupid G Force managing it for every 5 years ..and keep continuing it for every 5 years ...
* another problem - Malaysia population is somewhere around 27millions  ...but hell 5 millions out of it were foreigners and 90% of them were came by boat from neighboring country??? they had contributed greatly on construction area, snatch theft, domestic helpers(maid), robberies...

from 1950 to 1987 ... you may leaves your front door wide open yet feeling secured.
now from 1990 to ???  you can't even open a small gap of window, fearing that crimes may lurk in at any moment.


nikki said...

Ah! I've heard about this song. Wasn't it out some time two years ago?

Alpha Ace said...

ya~ it was a kinda re-visited/reminder/refresh for Malaysians ..LoL

...and better understanding to foreigners leh...


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