Tuesday, September 1, 2009

FuC-KinG PaiNful ~!! ... video

The FUCKING Ah Beng(Singaporean term for CHinese guys) must have fUCk some horny chics ..which made his FUCKing Ah Lian(SIngaporean term for Chinese girls) damn FucKING pissed off and at the end this fUcKING Ah Lian had repeatedly hits this fucKING Ah Beng's ku ku ciao(Malaysian/Singaporean Cantonese term for COCK/PENIS) ...

(extra SPECIAL article upon visit  hehehe...)

Stop that you FUCKING bitch~! ROFL... kakakaaka~

By the way, I had knew some Singaporean friends or friends who works and lives in Singapore, the truth is - they were sexually active and adventurous. Swings and cheats were part of excitement. Blowjob at some gloomy staircase were a thrill for sure. I got a lady friends who also love sharing her sexual encounters through phone(hell, I never meet her b4 leh). She had been cheating her boy friends and changing boy friends quite often. She also don't mind sharing out the stories of adventures ...
The best part is - she had been sleeping with her company colleagues ...a few of them d ... what a job thrill bonus to those Ah Beng kakaka


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