Sunday, March 28, 2010

My 1st Video by Canon 500D + CyberLink PowerDirector 8

This was my 1st serious video capturing and editing project with Canon 500D
I was amazed with what it can deliver.
So the producer, production crew, director ...and bla bla bla
...was ME alone .. LoL~

Equipments & Editing Software:
1) Canon 500D
2) 18-55 IS
3) 55-250 IS
4) CyberLink PowerDirector 8
5) Music/Song - Album: Massive Attack - Track: Man Next Door

How to do it:
1) The main concern here is the idea on what story you wanted tell.
2) Imagine the scenes and effects that you want to have
3) Capture scenes in short timeline, such as 5sec. 10sec. or 15sec. per scene or longer one for 'fast motion effect' as shown in the video. It is better to have a longer scene since you can trim those unwanted parts off when editing. Just don't shoot a scene too long from the same angle, especially conversation between people.
4) It doesn't matter where to start 1st, the location can be random since you will need to stitch those scenes up to make a complete piece of video.
5) Pay more attention on angles and effect when watching a drama or movie, it really helps a lot for ideas. Sometimes, MTV can proves very helpful on artistic video projects.
6) Shoot as many scenes as possible.
7) Be thoughtful on soundtrack that you will use on your video, it has to match the feel it portray.
8) Use a simple editing software before jumping to those pro editing one. PowerDirector 8 had
proved to be easy to use and it has many tutorial in YouTube to guide you.
9) We will not get perfect or desirable result on our 1st production or a few earlier productions but things will improve once we had master it and learn from those short comings.

Thanks for viewing and hope you will like my 1st time videography.

*will have a few projects coming soon - my buddy's registration day on this
coming May and another one on the Perth trip. stay tune ^^


Justin Hee said...

Nice video for ya 1st try!
like it much~ =D

Edwin T said...

it's really impressing! :) love the video very much!

Alpha Ace said...

glad that you like it ^^
I'm so flattered ... hehe
thanks for your compliment here

HenRy LeE ® said...

i like ur idea and the music is good. Good attempt! Maybe one day we can make short clip for a competition together :)

The CleverMunkey

zzkang said...

nice n great video!!


nice! ;)seriously,i think the video too long already.if can be short,i think will better ;D

Alpha Ace said...

@ Henry Lee ..
Sure, it would be my pleasure as well ^^
Still, I have a long way to improve before hitting on some competition XD

@ Zzkang ..
Thanks bro ^^

@ Tan Coerlly ..
Will try to make it short .. but short one like not enough lehhh LoL~

Tammie said...

Sorry took me so long to comment..haha
I watch the vid already.NICE :D
I love how it is in b&w.looks simple but neat.
How do u go around recording video..don't people stare at u?

InsaneOnion said...

Dunno wat to comment..but clicked ur nuff!

Alpha Ace said...

@ Tammie ..
just have to concentrate on what to shoot and think yourself as a tourist. I got nasty teasing from some 'kutu' dudes too ... some curious Ah Beng who did those Scratch & Wins also came to disturb me by asking 'what are you doing mate?' ... just smile and walk away loh~

It takes time and patience ... but it will be fun of doing it. May be you can bring a helpful friend along but your friend has to be NOt talkative and observant loh ... LoL~

@ Insane Onion ..
is ok. just viewing my post will be very good d. I'm so happy, thanks ya~

Jimmy T said...

Should give them t -_- t ah beng this finger haha! Nice picture as always =]

Tammie said...

haha wow..sounds fun. I may try this some day.not the video but the walking around shooing part XD
thanks for the tips! :D

Alpha Ace said...

@ Tammie ..

go try it, you will enjoy the whole process ^^. bring along one or 2 friends ya, since the safety in KL was bad.


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