Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nikon for PRO or for PROBLEM??? Review on Nikon ...


 Mid Valley mega mall had a Nikon event on this 14th ~ 18th Oct 2009. I got there on the late afternoon after my visit from Melaka.

I had so much enthusiasm to try out the line up of this acclaimed brand for so long. It doesn't mean that I can't try on any other day ... but for the sake of just trying out and not buying surely those sales assistant would curse you during their brake time kakaka....  Here I may try as much and as long as I wanted to.

The hand grip was comfortable and solid. I would definitely try out their D90, D300s and D700. To my surprise .. if you think Sony's Menu interface is complicated to use ... then you should reconsider when you try your hands on Nikon.

Even the Sony A900 flagship full frame was far at ease in the sense of user friendly then the D700 which on the same category. When you looking for PASM mode (basic lookout when operating a DSLR) on Sony A900, you would easily finds it ... but where is it on the D700??? It had been buried ...

When you gets into the Menu drop down ... OMG~! tons of option  ...and it has its pros and cons. It is not suitable for those who hate complexity. I had been lingering on the Menu there for some time ... and their Point Focus selection was not what I wanted to focus on ... probably is my problem and I need to understand it 1st; it's just not as straight to the point as Sony did.

I got a problem with this D700's On/Off lever. It was damn rigid to turn it (I scared that I would brakes it with force)...or is there a trigger mechanism that I need to press to release it? just like the dial on the other side where you press the button down only to rotate the Mirror function. Hence, I asked the promoter to show me how it works. To my another surprise, he did turn it ON~! So, I should turn it on by FORCE ... he did told me that ... I should be ok after a period of time when it got seasoned(after some heavy use n it will be loose). OMG~!  can you believe that ... now here another problem - Diopter.
The Diopter was damn rigid too ... I asked the promoter - do I need to press it in or pull it out a bit so that I may turn to adjust? He got no idea ... and walk off, hell ... I walk off too and pull out my Sony A300 and snap it's pic. Can you believe it? I got complains on this D700 which at RRP RM9,688(body only). Why all those magazine keep bragging about it? I know the picture quality is great but others were great too ...such like Leica, Linhof, Pentax, Olympus ....

I will visit it again on this 18th Oct 2009 which is the last day. Gonna dig more info and squeeze whatever I can over there ....


Anonymous said...

i agree sony a900 PSAM was easy to spot than the D700. But it need a push of button at the "mode".
Ok the drop down menu really crap for D700.
Well u really dont wan see 51 AF point on the screen until u cant even see the subject.
You were so lucky to test the defect d700 haha, i test one d700 at bintang maju also like tat, hard to turn on and off.
Yes the diaptor need to pulla button, the promoter was a fool.
well if leica-only million-air can buy, linhof-no idea, pentax &oly can go ISO 6400 with out sacrify the photo quality i would buy too... :)

Alpha Ace said...

thanks for sharing buddy. Well, D700 can perform well and i believes that ...but it just so much pain n brain drain when operating it. I know ppl who can usually understand camera well was either the technician themselves or the photographers like us...kakaka

mmmm ... Pentax got problem with lenses not much choice and it was painful to hunt in E-Bay or locally n as what you had mentioned ...not least another complicated Menu drop down.

Linhof was kinda high end thingy too ...d Outdoor Technorama series was stunning(for landscape) n hell expansive too but not as famous as Leica used to be.



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