Monday, October 26, 2009

What if Movie 2012 is telling something ....

Still remember the economy crash?
Toxic properties in US n all kind of things ...going on last few years ago..
Where was those money gone to???
what if the issue was related to the movie 2012 - doomsday plan~!

lets have a closer look on this video clip

do you wanted to know more? ..
do visit this site All About 2012
(however, it was kinda making money out of readers too) kakaka

Never mind, you will find tons of related topic in YouTube n in Google search.

We shall look forward, it's easy to tell.
If you see a faint moon in mid 2010 to 2012,
then you will know that this is no bull shit. If it didn't appear in the sky during that time.
You will know that this is another damn big lame joke~

I believes in one thing - if it really happens and as the Bible said - you can't hide.
Even though you can hide but you can't escape it's destiny.

There is this interesting part in Bible: Thessalonians
".. those were sleeping(dead) will raise up 1st and then for others who are still alive
  will raise up later and they will not taste death...."


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